Saturday, 13 May 2023

To be a MP or not to be, that is another question...

 A lot is being talked about Labour winning the next election, That is with or without the Liberal Democrats. Well, Keir’s efforts, if you can call it that, do point to a possible coalition. Now, on it’s own that is not always a bad idea. One party tempering the other’s excesses and vice versa. In the meantime Plaid Cymru, the Welsh nationalist party has to cope with the demise of it’s leader. You may ask why? No one really knows, beyond him having said he felt he was not being supported by his colleagues. But apparently a report said that the party suffered from misogyny, harassment and bullying. No, really? Well, strike me down with a feather. Are we now becoming so entrenched with the views of a smallish minority whose views are so rabid and that includes the BBC, that politicians are basically having to watch their words? That cannot be good. Similar to what happened to the deputy prime-minister Dominic Raab. Bullying and that with a big question mark hanging over it. Was it or was it not. As he has said before, as a top politician you sometimes have to be hard. Our civil servants for the most seem to feel they are untouchable and do not have to work hard. But may I also say something that has been said before – THEY are NOT elected! They are supposed to serve the policies to be put in place. As that great comedy called “Yes, Minister” showed, civil servants do believe they know better than the elected people’s representatives. I have to add here that indeed the quality of the aforementioned public representatives can leave a lot to be desired. It has been said that most MPs are not worth the salary or stipend. Only turning up for Prime Minister’s Question Time. It is true most MPs and there are 650 of them could easily stay home and drink coffee all day, and the country would not be worse off. In fact as I think I have said before, for those who are elected and do not have the necessary acumen or knowledge, they would need a period of familiarisation inclusive of the ways of Parliament and how it works. Or should work. The other thing that ought to be looked at by the respective parties is the quality of the persons who want to stand. Their educational attainments and public standing. Also and here I just cannot believe political parties do this, is the idea of women only lists. The Labour party seems to do this quite often, in the name of gender balance. But there could be much better qualified male contenders. I must say though if there is a woman who stands out, certainly such a person needs to be selected. It ought to be the best person for the job whether female or male. No donkeys, please, just to be politically correct. We have had enough of the woke attitudes now so pervading society.

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