Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Money and gender, the two questions today...

We have many times talked about money, in particular the money that is government’s responsibility. Meaning borrowing, quantitative easing and taxation levels. This morning reports on the media are stating something that I have never heard before. That probably is a worrying thing. It is that the amount of borrowing the government carries out has increased. Not just because it needs money for projects, something like HS2 I suppose, no it is the cost of interest payments! Meaning that they have to borrow more to pay interest! How silly does it get before we all go down with our heads under water waving the Union Jack? Borrowing to pay interest? That sounds like a quick way down into the abyss! I just wonder when the last time was when we balanced the books? That is when taxation completely covered expenditure? Probably the last time was before I was born. Ever since WW2 we have been living in cloud cuckoo land. Apparently our national debt now stands at £2.5 trillion. Just work out the interest payments on that! At 1% it is still a staggering amount. We probably pay a lesser percentage but I have not looked what the interest level of government gilts are today. More than 1% I think. Even so, we are on a steep slope, in fact the whole of the western world. We do need to be more careful about our ways and means. It goes all over the nation, not just the government. As citizens we also bear a great responsibility. We need to adjust our wants, desires to the available resources. To not spend beyond our means. It sounds so simple but with humans nothing is simple. It is the reason why authoritarianism seems so popular in certain countries and more worrying seems to gain grounds in western countries as well. The behaviour of sections of the population shows authoritarian ideas take easy root. What’s even more worrying is the so-called great silent majority acquiesce with the excesses of the vociferous minorities. Just meaning, a few people who shout the loudest are getting their way with most of the great majority staying completely silent. Probably just murmuring under their breath something like ‘Silly idiots, get a life’. But forgetting by staying silent things will just get worse.

Take this idiocy called gender, when we are born we are either classified as male or female. Just by looking at the genitals I suppose. That is the biology of the genus. All mammals are like this. It is named ‘Our sex is male or female’. Today it is different from the meaning of gender. No need to go into that here as you will be able to read or hear plenty on social media. But we do need to stop to sack people from work (as teachers or such) who call a girl ‘She’ and not ‘It’ or something else entirely as I read in the news today. It tends to be forgotten that if we are talking about rights, rights to be called an ‘It’ or ‘Non-binary’, then another has rights to not be called such. Besides there are also rights as imposed by one’s religion. As a Christian I disregard gender but understand the wish of someone or other to be called ‘It’. As a matter of fact it is also OK by me if they want to be called ‘Dog’, or ‘Snowflake’. Yep, it’s a fine world we live in. Actually come to think of it, it is called ‘World’? It hasn’t changed gender, has it?

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