Sunday, 16 April 2023

To Quora or not to Quora, that is a question...

Looking around on the Internet does give you a headache. I am rather interested in basic mathematics and do look from time on the Question and Answer platform Quora. You will see questions like ‘How many times can you delete 1 from 50’? In fact there are hundreds, if not thousands, of questions like that. I often wonder what the rationale is to ask these? Does one get paid for asking a question? If so, well good luck to them but it makes Quora rather unattractive. People seem to think it is clever to ask such rubbish because the answer can be twofold. Obviously in one way you can only deduct 1 from 50 once because then the question loses its meaning. Although you can deduct one from 49. And all the way until it becomes deduct 1 from 2. So it just depends how to look at the question. A bit nonsensical in both ways. It demeans the art of mathematics. I suppose it might make some people scratch their heads. Again though, looking at the Internet in general terms there is an enormous amount of total cr*p on it. From Russian trolls who seems to live in an absolute Utopia and only wish to invade Finland or some other country as long as it has no army to defend itself. To people who are apparently sex-starved and wish to know if Dutch pigs would do? Just wondering what they meant by pigs? 

Perhaps it is time to weed out this rubbish and maybe AI might be of help here. I am not sure if AI is going to be the saviour of mankind, I rather think it will be the end of life as we know it. Perhaps we could put some safeguards on it. Not sure why the likes of Musk and others are hell-bent of developing this. Microsoft with ChatGPT and the Chinese as well , it will be interesting to see where this will go to. In the meantime we have to weed out all the theses (yes, the plural of thesis!) which are now written by ChatGPT! Come to think of it, maybe these Quora questions are asked by ChatGPT? An interesting aside is thinking of the likes of Einstein and others, especially during the fist half of the 20th century, could AI come up with E=mc²? Or even a better answer? I am not convinced. In the end I believe AI can be no more than everything humans have done, discovered, thought of and carried out. I don’t think AI could tell us how to break the speed of light or whether we can reach the stars without having to be frozen for eons. Well, will someone tell Musk to get on with it and rather than developing AI, get his Tesla batteries sorted out and sell Twitter.

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