Monday, 10 April 2023

The holiday blues? Hmm, could be...

Apologies for not having written any opinions, I have been away for a week to sample the seaside in West Wales. The week before Easter is usually pretty quiet, not like the frenzy that we have seen later with hours long delays at Dover, also notable on the motorways. But it does not surprise me in the least, the British are herd animals. They move at the same time, go to bed at the same time, make love at the same time. Well, someone said that, I am not sure if that’s actually true. But yes, come holiday time we all get up, get the car ready, kick the dog and set off. Along with 24 million others. We are also very good at complaining. Complaining about delays because there are so many hampering our progress. How do they dare! It’s basically a sign of complete mismanagement, disorganisation of private and public life. It could be called freedom of choice but I would call it a very poor choice. Even so, I missed the reading of papers, simply because the shop in the village where we stayed had shut down. The owner could no longer affords the whammy of increases, council tax, costs of products, almost everything has become dearer. Gas, electric you name it.

Wonderful and what have our brilliant politicians got to say about it? Ah, pretty nothing as it happens. They are more concerned scoring points of each other. The suave playboy Keir has now begun calling his opponents the irascible Conservatives that they allow rapists etc to go free. In fact he singled out Rishi Sunak particularly. Gutter politics? No, really? This Labour party, the one who is ahead in the polls and tells itself it will form the next government, do we want to be governed like that? It is beginning to look more and more we are just another state of the USA! Gutter politics is commonplace over there, just look at Trump! So many problems in this over populated country and all they can do is shout at one another. Plus when sitting down coming up with the strangest policy ideas. Even worse, sometimes implementing them as well. Like the HS2 for instance. On its own a great idea for France. There is room. Here, you have to uproot half the population. Plus they seem never able to control the budgets. We just like to be governed by buffoons it seems. Perhaps it is better than being governed by rich aristocrats. But don’t hold me to task. It is really time to have a hard look at how we want to be governed plus how we need to vet candidates for office. Surely, we cannot just accept every Tom, Dick and Eva? Candidates must have a proven track of ability or be prepared to go back to college and study something, like politics perhaps or history? In the meantime I do expect the Parliamentary authorities to look at the wording of these Labour advertisements, or for that matter any other political ads that purport personalised attacks on the opposition. The word, opposition meaning adversaries in this instance. In the meantime I am still basking in the holiday mood, kicking balls with the kids on the near empty beach. And oh yes, just managing to locate an ice-cream parlour. Although I had to take out an extension to the mortgage. Damn it.

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