Saturday, 22 April 2023

Government or Civil Service, who governs?

In all honesty what is going on in this country? Is anyone actually governing it? Perhaps as I have said in the past, we are governed by the hallowed Civil Service. Elected ministers are side-lined. This was all too obvious recently with the attacks on Dominic Raab, our deputy Prime Minister. Today, it is known with out doubt, the knives were out for him and pretty successful at it as well. The woke brigade who were crying about being ‘bullied’, in other words that you and me would use, ‘talked to sternly’, have won the first battle. This thing is not over yet, me thinks. I believe over the next few weeks some damning evidence will be published as to what really happened on the occasions that these Civil Service mandarins were carpeted. Already we have heard about some incredibly stupid rulings, viz Gibraltar when some unelected twit had indicated it was OK for Spanish police to be added to the Gibraltar force. That would be the same as Russian police being stationed now in the eastern part of Germany when they were the overlords after WW2, in what was then Eastern Germany. It is indeed a strange world we live in.

But it shows a picture of Great Britain that says – weak government, the Civil Service working against the elected. Even though we could all agree that the elected leave a lot to be desired, it should not be up to the civil service people to decide the rules and how these should be administered. One of the things noticeable is government is not stable. It seems rudderless and it is something in this day and age you do not want! The Russian bear is knocking on our door, mapping the infrastructure, gas and electrical pipelines, wind generating fields in our coastal waters, you name it. The Russians are gearing up for a wider conflict which I think will happen in the next five years. The Chinese in turn are happy to watch and intend to pick up the rich pickings. Watch and wait. And all our government and the CS are doing is infighting. This wonder of the Opposition Starmer, who cannot decide what is front or back or even his sides, cannot believe his luck. Anyone even looks at him as a Prime Minister? If you do, please book quickly into the next available insane asylum. For someone as highly placed as him, he has indeed no idea what government is. We need people, yes like Raab, who are not afraid to upset the establishment. Who turn over the apple-cart! What do people think it is all about? A little swim in a nice warm, blue sea and talk to the fish? A nice fat salary to boot for doing absolutely nada? It is high time to hoist the flags and stop trying to unseat the elected government on spurious woke allegations. Get Raab back in government asap! And more people like him as well! Time to say it as it is, a shambles and stop being nice. We, the people are the bosses, not the Civil Service and not even the government. And we are not too happy! So, Rishi dress up in the age old stainless steel harness, go to war on the woke, the ditherers, the imbeciles and put the CS in its place. Thank you and you will have my vote.

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