Thursday, 23 March 2023

What's wrong Pussycat? I don't know, I'm a dog...

Politicians in this country and possibly in other countries as well, are wondering why nobody likes them. Why they have lost the trust of the general population. Well, I can certainly tell them why that is. For a change politicians do not seem to have much of an idea what is going on. They don’t have a grip on the issues. The rules/laws they make tend to have so many sides to it that they are virtually useless. Development is one of the very much weaker issues that pertain the country. One of the issues is that development is permitted without thinking about infrastructure. I had to go to the hospital in Cardiff (The Heath) which is what I would term relatively modern and also very large! But with all the new building of houses in Cardiff the number of people has shot up and that would include also more people needing medical treatment. It is quite noticeable how busy this hospital is and from where I am sitting it is already way too small to accommodate the numbers! This is also shown with the parking problem. There is simply no room. 

Politicians keep on talking about giving more money to the NHS but I don’t think that’s the whole problem. Politicians don’t seem to know much about demography or topography. They built a hospital like the Heath in the year 1971 according to the present population then. It was hailed as the latest in technology, 1,000+ beds and all politicians opened the various bottles of champers and toasted each other on a job well done. Great so far. But then the selfsame politicians started to build whole new areas of housing and also did not notice what was going on with immigration which was increasing year by year. When present populations moved westward because of the pressure of having to find accommodation for incomers. When house-owners figured out that to move to cheaper areas like Wales was a lucrative business as they could rent out their property or sell at much higher prices. Some TV programmes were continually showing how nice and cheap life was in Wales. Free prescriptions, for instance made many pensioners think life would be better in Wales. Plus because property was much cheaper it also attracted people looking for a holiday property, and use it as a second home. Causing of course, local young people being unable to buy a house in their own area! Also that most of the year the property would stand empty. 

All these things could have been foreseen but were never being spoken of or researched by politicians. This country’s politicians are masters of the ‘OOOOH, I didn’t know that’. And ‘OOOOH, don’t blame me, that was then and this is now’. Look at good ol’ Boris. He didn’t know the difference between laws made and whether politicians had to abide by them. It all just is showing a total misconception of what is actually going on. Politics should not be an art that just plugs holes in society as they occur. Generally speaking people come in a host of varieties. Some good, some bad and some extremely bad. Yet laws or decisions to do something about bad behaviour or let’s say, criminality are woefully inadequate. Besides all of that, law enforcers are also woefully inadequate insofar checking and understanding the purpose for which they were set-up.

It is time to reset all of this, make politicians go through some rigorous training so they before sitting on the hallowed green benches know exactly what ails or what is needed in our society. So, good luck Mr Rishi, see if you can do it.

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