Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Something to worry about? Well.. take your pick

Bought the wrong newspaper yesterday (28/3/2023), The Mirror. Good heavens what a vitriolic rubbish. I suppose no British newspaper is good, they all seem to want to air their opinions on politics, one-sided only. Anyway, the Mirror is unabashedly Labour, no doubt about it. Funny though I say it, I had to agree with their main article. Their bit on Kwasi Kwarteng and also the delectable or should I say, kissable Matt Hancock. Well, someone wanted to kiss him. But the main thrust of the piece, dare I say it, money. I have said many times that there is a grey area with too many politicians about cash. Let’s not call it corruption yet but until it is made clear what is allowable I suppose it is. Parliament insists that all earnings outside are declared but how many seem to forget that? Even the Chair of the 1922 Committee seems to have different idea on how it is alright to ‘earn’ money on the side. What I have said in the past still holds strong today – people become politicians not because they say they hold a strong belief in bettering the lives of the poor and downtrodden. But it seems to them a nice job with loads of freebies and a possible road to many more riches. I suppose this is pretty stark and loads would say wrong as well! OK in that case tell me why you think it is wrong. Look at the behaviour, look at the House of Lords, the posh sitting room with free snifters and a cash handout of £300 just for turning up to read the newspaper. Did someone say there is something wrong in this country?

I suppose it is what it is and until we get really serious about it, won’t change. I also wonder why the woke elite is silent about these things? This morning’s lead article in the Sun newspaper is about just that. The new elite governing Britain. I will not name them because mostly we all know them already, a football commentator, a political commentator, a busty (enhanced) TV presenter and an erstwhile aide-de-camp to a previous prime minister. These are the ‘elite’ pressing their woke ideas onto us, the great silent majority. They are doing so incessantly and as a result loads of young impressionable men and women or rather boys and girls, follow those opinions. You might note I do not use ‘ITs’ and ‘non-binary’ as I detest gender manipulation. However, the main problem is that government(s) seem to listen. Take the last Scottish First Minister, she created some problem with allowing male gender altered individuals to go to a female prison. What she had forgotten is the proclivity of some people to ‘use’ any system to their personal advantage. So, to obtain an easier sentence and prison term a male suddenly changed to female albeit without any operations or gender changing medications. By allowing this the First Minister had to make a hasty exit from the political arena. Yes, it is fun, fun, fun, in the UK today! Please, will someone tell the throng waiting for a transfer by inflatable dinghies in France?

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