Saturday, 4 March 2023

Party-gate, did anyone enjoy the party?

Not sure what other people think about the continuing inquiries that permeate the British political system. One might think – ‘Is it not about time they started to govern’? Every day there are hour long political debates what has happened or not happened at parties held during lock-down at the time of the Covid pandemic. Now there is everybody frothing at the mouth about a political loser whose WhatsApp messages miraculously appeared in the public domain. Instead of tackling important issues like HS2 and its continuing financial problems, the bad economical situation of the nation burdened by a national debt of gigantic proportions and above all the energy problems; we are keeping very busy being regaled on all the shenanigans our wonderful capable politicians have been up to. 

When reading some of the WhatsApp messages released you might say – ‘What the f**k’? Well, first of all, the guy who wrote the rubbish should need a quick lesson in what is important in this world and go back to primary school to re-learn how to behave within society. The same goes for the journalist he trusted to write his memoirs, no matter what she says now, what she has done is to say the least, reprehensible. Next, the high powered lady who chaired the Inquiry, the so-called Party-gate inquiry. She suddenly decided to go back to her leftie roots and is most likely to join the Labour party to be Keir Starmer’s sidekick. She has obviously taken a few too many snifters of the freely available champagne within the hallowed circles of government and forgotten how this would look to the Inquiry which as now become a bit of a laughing stock. At the same you may start thinking what in all honesty did Keir Starmer think of? As the leader of the opposition and lawyer to boot, he should have known the likely kickback of such a decision to offer a job to someone who was highly regarded as an independent person and the right one to lead a difficult Inquiry. That now has all been thrown into doubt.

As I indicated above, government in this country continues to shoot itself in the foot if not the head! Both sides are slugging it out in the personality stakes. It is like sword fighting on the old schooners of yonder times whilst singing Rule Britannia as the ship is slowly sinking. I know there will be an election, probably 2024 rather than 2025 because the way this is going we need a dictatorship when Army generals will have to impose order. I will be classified as an idiot saying that but does anyone have a better idea? The money wasted by this and previous governments is of staggering proportions. Due to incompetence, bad decision making and departments working against each other. It is high time to call an end to all this rubbish and correct the course of the Ship of State!

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