Wednesday, 8 March 2023

Panic! Snow's around....

PANIC!!! Some snow has been seen in South Wales. Bread and milk all gone (within 5 seconds of the first flake falling). In my place, cars are moving freely but all schools have been closed. The temperature is close to zero which means the bottom layer of snow is already slush! The birds in our garden are still feeding from the hoppers out with black sunflower seeds. (Which the tits love). Funny to see the much heavier jackdaws trying as well but can’t. I now see long-tailed tits which were never seen around here but now there are loads and all having a go at the fatballs! Sometimes five are hanging on the same feeder at the same time and in the tree next they are waiting as well. Close to eleven o’clock the snow is stopping – according to the authorities on the subject. We’ll see, I have not a lot of confidence in authorities nowadays. Too many seem to be staffed by complete idiots. Does anyone check educational attainment nowadays? Well, good question, listening to the kids coming home from school they learned a lot about colour composition because they had to do two paintings or drawings showing the teacher who had a qualification in how to vacuum clean a living room. Fortunately she gained a certificate so I am satisfied she knows what she is talking about. At least, she appears to know the difference in shade between red and orange. When I asked the kids how you would find the square root of a number by only using division and no calculator, they were stumped. Simple arithmetic is not taught anymore nor is arithmetic just using your brain. No paper, no pen. No wonder councils cannot figure out their budgets. It takes all year apparently and then it is full of errors. Same for the main government. Well, you noticed I am at home as I cannot get to work, time to sweep the front of the house and sweep the snow of the glass roof of the greenhouse!

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