Tuesday, 7 March 2023

Mobiles - The death of Childhood?

Question – Why are we not banning TikTok? It would be relatively easy. A message to parents – check what your child is doing on their mobiles. We are using a paid-for software called Famisafe. Guess what – yes, TikTok, YouTube, and its Kids equivalent are banned. TikTok must be viewed as an insidious bit of software made and governed by the Chinese. It’s basically spying on everything you do. As parents you have a responsibility to see what’s being downloaded and used and how your daughters and sons are using messaging on Whatsapp. Make no mistake, companies like Meta (erstwhile Facebook etc) have no wish to alter anything. They want you to use them without any restrictions whatsoever. Why is that the case? Well, money, their profits. Advertising pays millions if not billions, into their coffers. They will not change until forced to do so by governments and law makers. Google, a benevolent company? Forget that quickly, they are not. The same thing applies there, money. On its own there is nothing wrong with earnings. Money, finance, makes the world go round and round. But when it becomes the all over-riding modus operandi even to the tune of world domination and destruction of all opposition, then it becomes a destructive force. A force for evil. That is the situation today. The Internet has been hacked by malevolent forces, criminal forces and the sooner we get to grips with that, the better.

Just look at TV programs like ‘Love Island’, it will give you a pretty good insight of the world inhabited by empty-headed girls and boys. Or perhaps I should say, ‘Young men and women’. All that matters is how you look. Words like ‘Toxic femininity’ abound and this is something we see all around now in our schools as well. Girls goad boys whilst their mates film this on their mobiles. In the next five minutes we will all be able to see it on TikTok. I am in favour of banning cameras on mobiles. Sorry, but as I said, the whole shebang is not used as intended but used for nefarious purposes. We, as people are just unable to govern ourselves and remember one of the mantras that has been around for a long time ‘ Treat others as you would be like to be treated’. To some extent, all of this has had a bearing on the Woke fraternity and how they see the world. All aided by the ubiquitous mobile phone. I am not advocating sending the mobile phone to nether regions but we do need to control their use much better. The sooner the better! But above all I would urge parents to take more care, more interest in what the kids are doing. Remember and I know that 99.9999% of people ignore this advice, kids should not to be using mobile phones until they are 13 years old. One 15 year old girl (read on the website) said mobiles are the death of childhood. I suppose I could not have said it any better.

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