Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Is this a diatribe? Hmmm, maybe.

As a church member of more than 30 years I have, like thousands of other members, tried to be a Christian. Sometimes failing but at least most of us are and keep trying. I suppose people not going to church tend to think of us as goody-goody and better than them. The good news here is, not only is that not true as in fact we certainly are not goody-goody nor do we think ourselves better than those who are not Christian. As a matter of fact we know we are not so good and acknowledge that fact before God. Most of us try to abide by what the Bible teaches. At least up to now. Because the mouthpiece that is the Church, and in my area that would be the Church in Wales and to some extent the Church of England, now are seemingly diverging from the Bible. Today it just seems to pander to the Woke brigades clamouring for everything. I personally do not believe that the Bible is the infallible voice or word of God. But it has a two-thousand and more years old report about human life in search of God. The Bible does show that throughout. In particular the Old Testament shows the successes and also the many failures. But generally speaking as Christians we hold to the tenets of the faith as outlined in the Bible. Now, the Church and its priests ought be in the forefront of that. I think they have lost it. In the rush to placate and in the hope of finding converts or new members, the Church is now watering down some of the beliefs. In fact the Church of England soon will be discussing whether they ought to rewrite all their service material so as to be gender neutral. So, God will not be He, God will be an It. As it is it would be more to my opinion about what God is, as I think in God there is no gender at all.

So, the question of marriage comes up frequently, together with gender. Should the Church allow marriage between same-sex couples. The question of being gay in itself is not really under attack. Let’s be fair being born gay, either female (lesbianism) or male (homosexual) is part of life on Earth. It happens. Either through some natural issue like genetics or possibly chemical (the issue of high levels of oestrogen in drinking water). Marriage between a man and a woman is first mentioned in Genesis 2:24. The New Testament also states in Matthew 19:4-5 the words from Jesus.You can look them up, even on the Internet. So quite clearly the Church must teach what is in the Bible. It does not mean the Church should ban gay people from getting married, there are plenty of opportunities without the Church. However, it is quite proper to have such a marriage blessed.

My problem is that as I look around me to the world I am seeing all sorts of attacks on long standing rules, beliefs, in fact there is no field which is not under attack. If we are going to ignore the old texts on which our faith as Christians is based, we might as well shut up shop altogether and go home.

 Yn y cyfamser - Hapus Ddyd Gwลทl Dewi! Gweddiwch drosof fi bechadur tlawd!

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