Friday, 24 March 2023

Is it real help or just a token...?

Not sure whether any British politician has figured out what do to help the Ukraine. Sure, we will have (hopefully by now) sent some Chieftain tanks and also ammunition but the rate at which the Ukrainian army is using it, thanks to the ‘human wave’ tactics of the Russians, they need millions more bullets, grenades and missiles. The other thing which I do not understand is the reluctance to deliver up-to-date warplanes. It seems to escape our notice that the Russians are testing a. our resolve and b. our economics. Meaning the Russians expect our resolve to weaken, our economics to dive and to drive a wedge in the European Union and also NATO. Even though Britain is no longer a part of the EU we are still pretty well involved in the political rooms of Europe. Including military organisation. There should be no doubt in our thinking Russia will not stop despite sanctions, despite set-backs on the battlefield. In fact Russia is now building up allies, China is also part of that. We are simply facing authoritarianism versus democracy. Russia has simply gone back to what it has always done. From time to time despotic rule coupled with enormous corruption. Indeed, as it has today. I am not saying that we are clean, that corruption and despotic types of managers and politicians do not exist here but at least we do still have a free choice. To have peace is good, but a peace based on lies and conquered expansions of land, will never last.

We do have our lot of incompetents who due to their lack of knowledge may easily fall to corruption. As has been shown many times. The good thing here is that sooner or later they get caught. In the end I sincerely hope that our resolve will not weaken or waver and that through our support the Ukraine will be free and complete. It also should teach us a hard lesson and that is simply said – ‘ Never put all your eggs in one basket’. And ‘Be as self-reliant as possible’. Meaning that to be reliant on only outside supplies and suppliers, will eventually break you. To be self-sufficient is of paramount importance. We need to grow more of our own food. There will always be imports because some fruits for instance only grow in tropical climes. It is a big call and that is one of the reasons why politicians are looked upon with some trepidation and dismay. We have Prime Ministers Question Time in Parliament. If that is a porthole on how politicians make decisions and discuss the ramifications, then you know why they are held in contempt. I should hope that some might be strong enough to hold it together. But I do fear the present lot, bar a very few, fall way short of what we really need.

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