Sunday, 19 March 2023

Copper landline or go digital?

It’s a wonderful world still, isn’t it? Well, at least if things go our way it is. Sometimes we get ideas to do something and it all goes pear-shaped. I have got a brilliant self-installed network run by Linux (I have not used Windows in a million years). Just because I love hate their technology. I also had installed Linux with the best router in the world. Draytek Vigor. Never heard of it? No, neither had I but it leaves most of the others in the shade, usually the ones whom you would see advertised hourly. Its security is impressive. But I decided to upgrade! In the UK there are plans by BT (British Telecoms) to do away with all copper cables and go digital. And to do this by 2025! 

Now knowing how things tend to get done around here I think it would be 2055 before all that was done. But hey, a little upbeat message in these times of rising prices will do us great! Whether it is just hype or not even true, who cares? We must leave the backroom boys have their 5 minutes of glory. At least, they have proved they have a brain. A very small one to be fair but nevertheless it is a bit of some grey matter. So, we are going digital. Called VOIP, Voice over Internet Protocol. Yes, wonderful, what next? How do I get it without paying off existing contracts with IPs? Obviously we need new equipment. New phones, we still would need Broadband (obviously) and some companies will be set up to fleece us with inflated costs to provide the ‘SERVICE’. So, what would we really need? In reality it needs policing. Meaning you cannot just buy a digital phone, link it to your router and off you go, speaking for free with the rest of the world. Each one of us would have to have a number that would identify you. Much like the normal landline phone today. It is the way others would be able to contact just you and me and not a million others all at the same time. That just would not work very well. So, a contract for your line and some time based charges. I have already found this way of working existing. Companies like BOnline or Usomo, can issue a new number or port your existing number and for little cost marry that to a service costing a third of the present telephone charges. 

Typical contracts can be something like a tenner a month (Ten pounds sterling). So, what would we need? We should have a VOIP capable router and preferably digital phones although normal phones can work with a VOIP capable router. I already have a VOIP capable router so am awaiting further developments. But presumably I will have to negotiate a deal with a company to have the digital line and they may even sell the phones although you can get them already from the likes of Amazon. Although having said that, Usomo offer a monthly contract for £8.00 that includes the needed phone for free! It’s incredible what new technology can do. I understand most of the US already have gone digital but as usual the UK is slow out of the start blocks. I think it has something to do with pressures by companies to slow things down so they can flog all their old equipment at inflated prices. Look at the broadband shambolic market. Even knowing that we will go digital they still flog broadband deals at prices that send shivers along my spine. BT in particular is not ashamed to ramp the costs up. So, knowing all this I have taken some steps to deal with the coming changes. Let it come!

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