Friday, 10 February 2023

Yes, what about your weapons then?

President Zelensky was in the UK and also on a trip to other European states. It was heartwarming to see the welcome, and one might have thought ‘Great, now the war will be over soon what with all the new equipment being given’. The reality, unfortunately, is much different, nothing has been promised! The Germans are still reluctant to send the tanks, the French dither as usual and here in the UK we stand in our old rotting buildings applauding then go home happy we have done a good job. The reality is the war will continue and frankly the way it is going Ukraine will be forced to accept the loss of the provinces claimed or rather already annexed, by Russia. What our Western leaders do not seem to get into their champagne sodden brains is that Russia will never give up its belief in their empire. They simply want to go back to what was the USSR and more. Because their influence in those days came over Poland, Eastern Germany, all the Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria, and even half of Austria. Well, as long as we understand that, OK so be it. Can someone tell Mr Biden what the world is really like? President Zelensky is absolutely spot on when he said that his nation is standing against the oppressors in defense of democracy. The problem is most western leaders don’t quite see it. Sure, they play along, the words are fluent and suave but there is NO substance. The way western leaders and nations are today just strengthens and continues the oppressing regimes in China, Russia and others. Part of the problem is that the US needs an enemy. An enemy, real or imaginary, to justify its dream of being the only superpower on the planet. To justify the trillions spent on defense. And the UK is happily trundling along in its wake. Except we cannot afford a sausage even. We might manage to build a few aircraft carriers but whether those will be effective in the hard reality of this world remains to be seen. But they make nice TV programmes.

I am not at all sure why we let Russia make the play. Surely, the way they perform is reprehensible and an affront to human dignity? War is not nice, it is bloody and destructive but what Russia is doing is even beyond that. We all should be looking at history and seeing that empires have a habit of disintegrating. That dictators usually come to an early end and not always a nice one either. That nations showing off military might (incl the US) soon find the costs outstrip the ability to finance it. But I fear historical lessons are not taken, nor read. Just ask Hitler, or Mussolini or for that matter, Genghis Khan or Attila. Don’t bother Mr Biden, don’t wake him, please. I like him.

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