Thursday, 2 February 2023

What happened to our society?

It really surprises me to note how thoughtless the human race actually is. We seem to simply accept we are the only thing that matters on this planet. We, without any thoughts at all, use it for our own ease and disregard every other living entity. We use the land to plonk our mostly substandard houses all over the place. We disgorge our wastes and other effluents into any available watercourse or just use the sea. Not so long ago a small seaside village on the Welsh coast had a lovely beach. Unfortunately close by was a large sewage outlet. Swimming there you would notice the usual rubbish. We called them brown trouts! No prizes for guessing what they were! Fortunately that has been remedied but even today large amounts of sewage still gets into our waters. The river at the back of my house also carries sewage because our Victorian sewers are by no means of the standard you would expect in 2023! All of it is without any regard for other living animals, fish, or birds. We just pay lip-service to preservation of nature. Money is the only thing that matters. 

Our planning services from Councils and other government offices are only geared to see how much money can be made from taxes. And if we think that is all in this country, we should think again. Our waste, glass, tins, paper, vegetable left-overs and other food waste has accumulated so much we are close to saturation point. Running out of landfill sites!. We are not the only country, in Indonesia there are rivers so clogged up with plastic waste you cannot see the water! Whole communities in Africa live on the enormous spoil heaps! I remember a TV report that a Tesco bag and other waste clearly identifiable was seen in a spoil heap in Malaysia! Apparently what happened is that our British waste is now just exported to countries that have few laws governing waste disposal, if any at all. All that is done without any regard for wildlife. It is just – out of sight is out of mind.

This morning I listened to a BBC News item concerning cranes coming back to a site in Gloucestershire, that is a great story because cranes had disappeared and have not been seen in southern Britain for nigh on 50 or more years, if not longer. But does anyone ever think why they disappeared? Or even why animals disappear at all? But look at the housing springing up everywhere, it is all about us, humans. Animals, the whole environment is for our use, nothing else. Hard words, but true! Do developers care? Well, no, I don’t think they do. Only make sounds to say they care for the environment and they will show they have put some grass outside the front doors. Brilliant, the moles will be happy! The truth is unless we take this far more serious we will in the end just have to take what is coming our way. That might be much more costly than we think. If only we can pay the bills, if not then I will just wave the Welsh flag before my head goes under the water. No greater end than a martyr’s end!

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