Sunday, 19 February 2023

Roald will now be woker than woke? Really?

Reports have come in from Great Missenden, in fact from the graveyard of St Peter’s and St Paul’s. The earth has moved by 10 yards. It seemed to have originated over Roald Dahl’s grave. I am not surprised that poor Roald has turned over a few hundred times and tried to get out. The author of James and the Giant Peach (1961) and a host of other books has now been subjected to the 2023 rage of woke authoritianism.

Apparently the publishers (Puffin) have decided to re-write some texts in order to remove so-called ‘affronts’. That is to say, words like ‘fat’, ‘ugly’ (Caspar Slok) and witches can no longer wear wigs because they are ‘bald’. Presumably witches must now look like beauty queens. Ooooh sorry, cannot say queens anymore either, OK then look and act like ‘Kate, in The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare’. Perhaps they will now take Shakespeare to task next! When will this idiocy stop? Even the Church of England, and I suppose the Church in Wales will follow suit, is planning to rewrite most if not all, of its services, to change the language to what is now known as gender neutrality. Meaning no difference to female or male in the writing. I presume God will now be ‘IT’ . So in print the Lord’s Prayer could be as follows; Our Non-Binary, who art in heaven, hallowed be its name. Its land will come. Its will be done. On our planet as it is above. Etc, etc. Again, I will ask – WHEN WILL THIS LUNACY STOP? On top of all this rubbish we surely have to remember the precarious financial position of the Church as income from gifts and weekly giving surely has dived! The Church is still a big landowner, and property owner so perhaps it’s time to start monetizing?

Roald wrote his books and yes, he was not always ‘kind’. History should show us that for most if not all of the time, people have been particularly ‘unkind’! To the point of massacring whole populations. We cannot walk away from such history but have to acknowledge that is how we are. Humankind is the most destructive animal that walks the planet. I am afraid that will never stop because it is simply in our genetic make-up. Obviously, there are good sides to that as well. We can turn this to the betterment of our environment. To be progressive and building up instead of destruction. If you want to look at what I mean, just look a few hundred miles to the East. There is a country basically being flattened. For what? Well, allow me to scratch my head, I haven’t an idea! The whole thing just defies the normal senses. Now I hope that the damage done to Roald Dahl’s grave will be repaired and Puffin will stop altering books to allay the ‘hurt’ feelings of a few totally deranged minorities. I am certain the witches will still be bald and prefer to wear a wig. And Caspar will still be having a high BMI!

As an codicil I must add I do believe in gender equal opportunity, such as equal pay for equal work. I see no point in holding women back from education or work because they are women. But I do celebrate the differences between male and female. The weaknesses and the strengths of both.

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