Sunday, 5 February 2023

Language? What is it...

Dw i’n gwerthfawrogi byw yng Nghymru ond nawr dysgu’r iaith dydw i ddim yn deall defnyddio geiriau fel jôcs (jokes), joio (enjoy), dreifio (drive), ac hyd yn oed weithiau wso (use). Mae’r rhain gyfieithiadau gwael amlwg o eiriau Saesneg! Stoppo! Gair arall eto!

Y gair Gymraeg i stoppo neu stopio ydy atal (prevent), neu aros (wait) a hefyd gair arall feindio ! Feindio? Beth yw hynny? Wel, dim does gair Cymraig cywir am ‘find’. Gallwch defnyddio ‘dod o hyd’, neu ‘canfod neu darganfod’. Darganfod ydy ‘discover’ a canfod ydy ‘detect’. Felly, stoppo wso neu joio ydy geiriau Saesneg! Os dymunwn achub Cymru fel gwlad â’i hiaith ei hun, atal defnyddio geiriau Saesneg.

I ddysgwyr ‘r iaith – joio ydy mwynhau, dreifio ydy gyrru, wso ydy defnyddio, wrth gwrs.

The above is a observation I have made a few times. The use, especially here in the southern part of Wales, the use of English words. To make these more like Welsh they then put io at the end. So, to stop has become stoppio or stoppo, to enjoy became joio, and even drive a car has now become dreifio car. Even a simple word like to use now is wso or wsio. These words do NOT exist in the Welsh language! It is basically laziness to use Welsh proper words although they may a bit difficult to pronounce at first. Words like Mwynhau (moonhai as it is pronounced) for to enjoy. Gyrru (kurrie) for to drive and so on. 

In Wales there is a definite increase for the idea of independence, to preserve its identity, and I am certain that to bastardise the language like this does not help one bit. The English are lazy as far as languages are concerned. They have the idea that everybody speaks English. I used to enjoy films about the English gentlemen and ladies travelling in Africa or the Far East and literally shout at the locals. Then turning to their companions saying, ‘They don’t speak proper, you know’. It is still like that today! And what’s worse, it is aided by many Welsh people! Even teachers! Aran of ‘Say Something in Welsh’, a very good intro in learning the Welsh language and available at minimal cost on the Internet; he as well uses joio and terms like that. 

I think personally it is not correct to do so, even though loads of Welsh people in the south do. It is no excuse to say, ‘Well, languages evolve’ and indeed they do but not quite in the way Welsh is today. Already Welsh has two distinct variations, North and South and even in Dyfed (South Western Wales – Dyfed and Ceredigion) have differences. It would help to establish a strong drive to standardise teaching of the Welsh language and prohibit the use of slang words or even words made up because its simpler.

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