Saturday, 11 February 2023

History repeating itself? You bet!

Does anyone really know much about history nowadays? I mean comparing certain periods from the timeline to other periods and noting similarities? Just take the time after the First World War, so the years 1920 to 1939. Compare this to today. The years 1945 to 55 were more or less to get out of the destruction and we were busy with rebuilding and resetting the economies of Europe. Then in the twenties, the political situation started to change. Things became more aggressive again. Just look at today's politics, virtually the same as the late twenties (after the Great Depression), a greater division between left and right streams. In the UK we have a so-called socialist party (Labour) that actually is nothing of the sort. It does nothing much for the lower classes. In fact it has become extremely belligerent to the tune of wanting to kill all Tories (Tories=Conservatives). When confronted they invariably say it is a figure of speech. Just as people like Hitler or today’s Putin would say. Politics today is on a growth curve, a curve of provocation, a curve of aggression.

If that curve will keep on climbing it will most certainly end up with armed conflict. If you would note the stance Russia has taken over the last few years you will see the similarities between Nazi Germany of the Thirties. It is the same scenario. This is not just the Russians, the Chinese and North Koreans follow the same rule book. Not only that but the response to these situations by the so-called ‘free world’, is mostly the same as the Thirties as well. Appeasement in the hope it will all blow away. For instance, the European nations and the US are holding back on supplying the Ukrainian government and people the very weapons they need to combat the Russian invasion. The thought process seems to be something like this – If we don’t give the tanks, the jets, Russia will not use nukes. To me that is a flawed idea. Noting the Russian or Chinese systematic approach you will note a predetermined path which they do not seem to divert from. It is the human condition, you go as far as you can, in the hope there will be no reply. In the meantime take the Goebbels theory of denying everything and simply carry on. All so predictable? I’d say so, looking at history!

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