Monday, 27 February 2023

After Illness comes the reality again.. I think?

That was the week that was, picking up a stomach bug, giving some pretty bad cramps. The funny thing was, it seemed to coincide with something that I had eaten. Food poisoning perhaps? Or just a bout of some flu virus. I did measure for COVID but that was OK. All of the week I was bad enough not to be able to sleep properly, but hey all now back to normal. So, I can read the papers again properly and watch the news on TV. Possibly wasting my time really but hey, why not.

The old game that is played in Britain has had another result. The game is called ’Who is to blame’? This game is a particular favourite of politicians and those heading organisations such as big companies. The game starts with the words – ‘It is not MY fault’, and ‘It wasn’t ME’, followed by ‘Don’t look at ME’. Ending by ‘Who can we blame’? Lovely game that, kids also love that game, a real British pastime. So, what is this about? Well, reports are coming out that says the diving expert who was taken on by the Lancashire police has been struck off the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) list of experts. Now, what does that smell like? The body of Nicola was found only less than a mile from where she allegedly went into the river. That was after the expert said he didn’t think she was in the river at all. I suppose he did not help himself saying that. But as it is he was not a policeman but someone from the general population who was experienced in underwater research. And that is the point, underwater research. Apparently the body was just not laying on the bottom of the river but perhaps was even half within reeds or whatever grows on the banks there. These rivers tend also to have small indentations like small coves scourged out by the fast streaming water when in flood. I know that from the river that flows at the back of my garden, it constantly changes! The stuff you see coming down, deposited on the banks and taken away again, rocks, stones and sandy mud clogging up bits making the water run a bit differently until the next flood. So, either the diver missed the body completely or it wasn’t there at the time he searched that bit of water. Interesting questions for sleuths to talk about I suppose. But to point out his failure is a bit much looking at the way the police itself behaved and carried out their task. For a start there was far too much talk. Yes, obviously there was a lot of media interest but if I had been a police official you would only have heard ‘Sorry the investigation is continuing, we will call a media meeting as soon as we know more’, and leave it at that. It was rather unhelpful to give any private details about the lady in question. The question is, why? In the meantime, I do agree the diver did not help himself in the way he talked about not finding a body but that in itself with such media intrusion is not unusual. The media is not averse to somewhat ‘change’ the words or meaning of what is said. It sure makes for interesting reading! Talk about fake information but I am not saying this is what happened here. Hoping then this will be sorted out and the diver and company will be re-instated and not be made the scapegoats for some botched work by police. Overall we have to remember the whole situation is extremely hurtful for the family of the deceased person. At least leave them grieving in private and peace. 

Ed 1/3/23 - The blame game will shortly play out in full. The latest is the game of 'Don't let thugs, criminals, sex-offenders be facing deportation'. 'Remember their human rights'. OK, what have human rights to do with criminality and eventual punishment? Most are not even British nationals. Those that have a different nationality must be deported to their country of origin. Simple as that. One of these thugs is Ernesto Elliott, a Jamaican who was supposed to be deported in 2020 but the usual woke brigade, MPs, long-haired lawyers, and a host of celebrities instantly started their usual 'What about their human rights'? So, no deportation and some time later he killed another man in some argument. So, as is asked, who is to blame? And very soon a host of aforementioned hairy lawyers, MPs, and celebrated celebrities will publicly shout - 'Not me, Guv! Not my fault, it wasn't me, don't look at me'! The Blame Game will be in full flow!

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