Friday, 27 January 2023

Where are purple-headed, ring-nosed entities?

Sometimes interesting journalism reaches our eyes. One of such did on last Thursday in the Sun newspaper. An article by Piers Morgan. Piers is well-known for having upright strong views. Nothing wrong with that because it engenders a proper debate. Well, at least it should. But unfortunately, here in the UK, debate about gender issues is virtually impossible. Let me put here some of the things Piers said: We have allowed a bunch of purple-headed, ring-nosed, humour-devoid, permanently howling woke fascists to bully and shame us (i.e the rest of us ‘normal’ people) into believing their insane views are the only ones to be tolerated.

Oh yes, that’s putting it mildly! If I put down my own views the computer on which you would read it would burst into flames. As Piers said: By kowtowing to this vile, censorious, cancel culture mob, we have created a society fearful to defend even the most basic principles and values of a free and open democracy. Yes, exactly right! We are in danger of marching – again – into a society which is run by vile, hate ridden extremists. What is incredible to say is that most of this seems to be originating in our universities! Students today stand in the forefront of gender-neutral politics and no-one knows exactly where these views come from. Perhaps this is the result of years of universities dumbing-down courses in order to have more mediocre students into the door. Just look at some of the subjects now ‘taught’. We love to garble on about ‘human rights’, LBGT+ rights, rights to call yourself non-binary (what does that mean for heaven’s sake?) amongst other phobias. People like Ms Rowling of Potter fame, the MP Ms Duffield are shouted down, vilified, hounded and are literally in fear of the lives. It is us the great silent majority who are now guilty of allowing such garbage to continue. 

The government such as it is today, weak and powerless, nevertheless should take a stand and as Piers headline stated, MAN UP, GROW A PAIR AND FIGHT BACK! Until we do this country will continue to slide down a steep slope. In fact the whole of western society should take this to task. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech. I am a big supporter of freedom of speech but surely we should, at all times, use propriety, sensibility and refrain from using inflammatory language or actions. Things like ‘chopping off heads’ for instance. In the end we need to be sensible,the facts are that all mammalian entities and that includes us, have only TWO genders. They are either born female or male. Some unfortunate things do occur due to our habits of meddling with chemicals and such. But these are not the norm. Even so if and when these happen we do need to rectify medically or look after such individuals. Any other genders are made up fantasies just to promote a particular view or opinion. It should be stopped forthwith, and a heavy fine imposed. Something like £1,000 and if not stopped the next fine to be quadrupled. Thank you Piers, now let’s weed out the idiots.

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