Tuesday, 31 January 2023

What is not a sham nowadays?

Does anyone ever think the political world is a bit of a sham? For instance, the continuing hype about nuclear war. There are many films, mostly American, that portray nuclear war and its aftermath. Then there is the idea that the West, i.e America of course, has to have the most up-to-date weapon systems costing billions of dollars every year. But of what are they, or we, afraid of? There was the Soviet Union, now just Russia, and that nation has been continually projected as the ‘baddie’. Now, there is some truth in that from a political view, but I am beginning to see that it is just a sham! Russia has never been a nation that in any way could have threatened the free Western nations with a military escapade! Western soldiers, even conscripts, do have a exacting training regime plus up-to-date weaponry. The British armed forces, though smallish compared to the million or so Russians, would very quickly decimate the opposing army. 

This view is strengthened today by seeing what a mess the Russians have made of their incursion into Ukraine. All that is shown is a continual indiscriminate artillery barrage and failing infantry escapades from conscripts who do not want to be there in any way shape or form. In infantry being thrown into battle without adequate support resulting in thousands of needless deaths. The Russians are just like those of old, the Mongols. They count on multiple rushes of soldiers onto the bayonets of the enemy. Costing thousands of deaths. Now it seems that we, the West, have discounted the Russians and now need a new enemy in order to justify our incredibly costly arms expenditure.

So, up have come the Chinese. It is rather an interesting debate that has come about. First, we spend billions if not trillions, to bolster the Chinese economy by allowing them to become probably the largest manufacturer of goods to be exported. With thanks to their enormous cheap labour market. No wonder the Chinese economy has moved in only a few decades from a basket case to the second richest nation on Earth! Soon to become the richest. It is of course looking at the size of the country, and the number of different ethnicities, it is necessary to rule with an iron fist. Not allowing opposition in any shape or form. I expect that in the future these countries, large and having a multitude of different ethnic people and religions, will begin to fall apart.

The funny thing is people from history have written about the human condition. The condition of freedom, of repression, the continuing need to be numero uno. European history in particular will show that tendency. So many wars of conquest, defeats, collapse, starting again, right up to the 20th century! And now the 21st century still showing us that things have not changed. This time it is the Russian belief they need a buffer-zone between them and the West. A sphere of influence. But it could also be that Ukraine has recently developed oilfields and in fact has quite a better economic level than Russia. Even though Russia has possible great resources in its Siberian backyard. It is just that – a backyard. From where I am sitting I would say that Ukraine will be a major force in Europe, even more prosperous than Germany!

We’ll see but I have already told my children to watch out.

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