Saturday, 31 December 2022

What is the point of humans?

We all know that in this country fraud is king. Not King Charles III, he is doing quite well as it happens, but I am referring to the billions lost from both government coffers and private citizens’ bank accounts. It seems all too easy, in the case of benefit fraud a report has shown a million an hour(!) is lost to benefit fraud and some errors. Simply completing an on-line form will set up a chain of events that might culminate in some payments. False claims are easy. Use the name of an existing person or someone who has just died or something like that and pending the checking procedures which are usually either lax or late or are never done, money will arrive in the bank account. Obviously the bank account is genuine but not really linked to anyone in particular. I am no expert in fraud I have to add but the facts are it is a growing problem. It does say something about the mindset of the British people. Too many now are what I would call, ‘work-shy’. Where I live I believe more than 50% are either ill or too lazy to work. Frankly the work that is available tends to be paid at the national rate. Something like £9.00 an hour. On top of that most employment is part-time, i.e 16 or so hours a week. It means that most people are also dependent on government handouts. Can you understand why so many want to brave the Channel in rickety dinghies to come and ‘enjoy’ the goodies this country has to offer? You may ask ‘What goodies are we talking about’? Yeah, indeed. As it usually means a slow descent into the criminal underworld. We are good in that as well. Having been born in the Netherlands I have always been aware of the Amsterdam drugs world. The ‘Walletjes’, the ‘Warmoesstraat’, but also the ‘artists’ quarter the ‘Leidsche Straat’ and ‘Govert Flinck Straat’ were sort of ‘linked’ to drugs. Going into one of the many cafe’s there, you would very quickly meet people who could supply anything you required. But it is not just there, it is all across the world. A bit sad to know that humans are working hard at their own demise! A good question to ask is ‘ Is the Universe built this way’?

Possibly, there is a ‘coming’ but also a ‘going’, everything has a ‘beginning’, everything also has an ‘end’. If you take humans as an entity and compare this to the genus Dinosaur, you will notice how fast humans have run through their development as a lifeform. In literally a few thousand years we have gone from grunting hairy apelike forms to a bald speaking biped with enough gizmos to allow them to lay back and enjoy the Spanish sunshine. I have to say though that we should ask ourselves this question – ‘What is the use of humans on this planet’? Indeed, what IS the point of humans’?

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