Sunday, 11 December 2022

Too much talk, and not a lot of action

It is going to be a rough winter by the looks of it. Not just because of the war in Eastern Europe but there seems to be a jet-stream that drives the rainier weather southwards letting in the cold eastern winds. Even colder when I look at the shenanigans called the World Cup. The one thing England is good at is talking up a good game. Plenty of pundits around here who are just shouldering themselves onto the BBC Chat programs and if you listened to them we already have won the trophy. And then reality sets in, the truth is England is not really as good as they think. The game with France a case in point. I thought for a long time we were just trundling along. My 90 year old neighbour walks faster than that! Anyway, as I have always thought, in the end the real matter is fought out in the matches themselves, not on the TV channels. So, the dream will have to wait for another 4 years! As a matter of fact if we look at all the big teams who have left for home, we can see the downward spiral of the western nations, generally speaking. Big money does not make hungry players.

I have mentioned this before – there is far too much talking and little action in this country. What I also find difficult to comprehend is the fact that politicians, local politicians as well, do not tell the whole truth when asked a particular question. Planning processes in particular are a big problem to understand. Sometimes the decisions that are made defy the local opposition. It makes you think that the process is circumventing for what it was set-up for. For me, I believed it was set-up to safeguard the interests and wishes of the local population. I now know I was completely and utterly wrong. The process is geared to the financial interests of both, developers and the governmental bodies. Politicians would defend themselves by saying “You have voted us in to look after YOUR interests”. The facts are that it is hogwash. As soon as people are elected their personal opinions no longer count, they follow the party line. The party line is mostly NOT looking after the interests of the electorate. They would say it is in the national interests. Well, that’s all well and good but what if it goes awry? As it does very often? Besides, what ARE the national interests? Like the NHS? Defence? Social inclusion? Already three items that seem to be problematic, in other words not looked after very well. To me it appeared that the Conservative government just never really put the hard facts on the table. Pussyfooting around in the hope no-one would notice the national debt rising to astronomical levels. Eventually that has to be brought down and there are only one or two ways to do that, more productivity and tax increases. Don’t ask how, I have always said “ Who do you think is going to pay”? Well guessed, US. You and me. Perhaps curtailing our profligate lifestyles as well. Have a look what ‘profligate’ means! In the meantime, have a great Christmas and if you managed to buy a fresh turkey, spare me a leg!

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