Friday, 9 December 2022

Stash the Champers and do some work!

For all those people who come to the UK, I hope it will work out well for them. Especially at this time. Cold and sometimes stormy. But if they came with the idea of free money, free housing, free this and that, I am afraid there will be a harsh awakening. Despite what they say on the Continent this country is not a free-for-all. In reality this is a country still with quite a bit of poverty, class ridden mentality and big diverse areas. Even worse, it is governed by incompetents. Too many believe to be an MP is an easy job, Just sit on plush green leather seats and shout ‘Hear, hear’ from time to time. And no worries at home because all you have to say to worried voters is ‘We are working hard, and doing everything to solve your problems’. Then go home and finish the bottle of champers. Can anyone tell me it is not so?

Ever since coming over to Blighty have I needed to look after myself and my family. I never had help nor needed it. Yes, I have been lucky, learned the languages of the land, English, Welsh and classify myself as a competent writer. There is no point in feeling sorry for yourself. It only took 6 months to find my first job and I haven’t stopped yet. So, all I can say is don’t give up, keep looking and don’t think about where you came from. It is no longer really relevant because you made your choice and now must abide by it. The biggest problem I think we have in the UK, we welcome new arrivals as much as possible but too many do not integrate. It is quite remarkable to see what I call, Ghetto building. Although I believe in freedom of expression, I also understand it comes with certain rules. In this country we have built up a wonderful (for the most) set of laws to govern our behaviour and social living. It is not perfect, but it has worked for most of the time, even at times of stress. To abide by these will mean an easier way of living for everyone, and rich or poor to get on. If that would fail we will be looking at open street warfare, as indeed it has shown in other countries. 

I admire the Chinese people who have mostly well integrated and run businesses across the nation. I also realise that these thoughts of mine look one-sided, from a single point of view. Nevertheless I think it is mostly true. It certainly needs improving, the whole system of immigration, dealing with migrants and their needs. It is no good to have a free-for-all, that has never worked and just creates an almighty mess. It is one of the failures of politicians to get a grip. Perhaps, as I said before, too many bottles of champagne. I know the arguments, mostly about what is known as ‘Human Rights’. Excuse me? What ARE human rights? Is there a right to live, to life? Is there a right to food? To shelter? I am afraid to say that there are NO such things. They do not exist in the natural world. It is only the human world that has ‘established’ such options and I hasten to add, badly at that. Ask a African citizen who lives on a dry patch, no water for miles unless a deep well has been dug or a pond soiled with animal waste, and living in a mud hut what human rights are. Ask a human living in Ukraine what human rights are. The short story is simple, we in this country need to shut up and start work on improving the situation in this country. So, stash the champers and do some work for a change. Good luck!

Ed: Blighty is a slang word for Britain.

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