Monday, 26 December 2022

Some thoughts on 2022

Well, so Christmas is over for another year. It has been a time of some upheaval I’d have to say. Politically as well as socially. Despite what is reported in the papers I have not seen much deprivation, I know it is around but I think it is hidden. Traffic is worse than it has ever been, possibly also because of the bus, train, plane strikes and delays. For myself I have had some ten days of a severe chest infection. Still don’t know why and how I caught it, probably someone who I passed in the street and looked me in the eye thinking, he needs cheering up! Fortunately, the NHS does still work well unless you need to go to A&E or need an ambulance. The antibiotics I have took to me like a thermonuclear device. Almost the same day, the temperature dived down to its usual level. The itchy throat took longer but the wheeze went after a day or two. So, all is well with the world but don’t ask those who experience one of those very bad winter storms in Canada and the US. Blizzards are not the fun some people think they are. Blizzards are absolute killers. In the meantime we will have to start shifting some of the items that has been bought as presents. It has always amazed me how we seem to make them useful! In years gone by I just gave a lot away to family members. The kids find interesting ways to make them useful, if only for a few weeks! Then I would say 50% of all that has been purchased prior to Christmas will have disappeared. Don’t ask whereto, but I still find stuff in hidden cupboards we had in the 1980’s!

Well, thinking about this year of 2022, it has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Old Rishi, our newest and latest prime minister is making a bit of a name for himself as a ‘toughie’, it remains to be seen how well he will perform with the present strike upheavals. You will realize as I have over a number of years, politicians in the main are just theatre performers. Look at something on TV when a politician speaks, the words are invariably always the same, ‘Working hard’, ‘We know what we have to do’, ‘We have a plan’ etc etc etc. There must be some school somewhere, the School of Platitudes I think it would be called, that teaches this stuff. Oh and there is a dress code as well. I still stand by my original idea that British politics is stymied by class, a faith in a British Empire amongst others. The frank truth is that the UK is weak, debt ridden and the only empire it has, stands on the Blackpool beach front. It is weak not because of its great peoples, English, Scots and Welsh hardworking citizens but of weak rules and even weaker enforcement. But things could always be worse. If Rishi can finally get the acts together and he has just about two years to do so, get the Armed forces up to scratch, get the debt under control. But most of all get the nation’s health system fixed. I have said in the past, a free NHS is a dream and like all dreams could evaporate like smoke in the wind. It just does not work. Of course we should have a medical system that works for all but if you give something for free, it will be taken advantage of. But no doubt, we shall talk about that during 2023! Have a great time and keep taking your medicines!

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