Friday, 2 December 2022

Netflix, the way to live...ask the Royals

Woohoo, the Netflix series about our Royal family begins! Apparently according to some of the people I know, this is the end of the royal family. Is it? That’s news to me. Mind you, with the inclusion of the wonderful Meghan, it could well be. May I ask a question – Why do we bother to watch such cr*p in the first place? For a start the royal family is not so different from my own. Plenty of little arguments, such as I am the boss and you are a cleaner of tonight’s dishes. Disagreements about how everyone sees the world around. One of them is so pro-America that we all have urged him to move quickly and disappear. Yes, that is family life. And I am absolutely sure that the royal fam is no different. They have our full support, as it is leave them alone. I don’t believe we want to hear daily reports about what they had for breakfast or whether the inscrutable Meg let one off in the bath. I like that, there is nothing better. Makes you believe you have a spa whirlpool after all. Cheap! 

OK, so they are filthy rich, but are they really? So what, but fair enough they are not the only ones, this world is still governed by money and possessions. It is the human condition! That’s what all of us are like! Why do you think this world is on the brink? It is because of us, no other animal has done that, ever! In the past a species became so numerous it outgrew its space and available food. So it disappeared, that’s called extinction. But with us it is slightly different, we are not extinct yet, we’re still working on it but in the meantime we are already 8 billion strong and nearing the cut-off point. I might have that wrong and we have already reached it and are now in steep decline. Food supplies diminishing, space diminishing. There you go, a forecast in a nutshell. 

So, there are more pressing problems than reading or viewing the lives of one family. In any case Netflix’s ideas of what the royal family is and does are very much tinted by the way Americans think. To be sure, my views are tinted by watching Dr Pimple Popper. So, Americans are pretty much overweight (oops, sorry, can’t say that anymore so let’s now call that ‘inconveniently burdened by a love for calories’). I came up with that after having enjoyed my third bar of ‘Mars choccie’. So, there it is, life is basically pretty simple. We either work on it and do something or we do not and slowly sink in the muck. All life obeys basic rules. You forage and eat or you starve and die. You find a place of safety or you die. You keep on moving or you die. Can you see where this is going? If not, please buy a Biology book. 

Ed: Dr Pimple Popper is an American docu-series about a dermatologist who treats people with lipomas and other skin conditions like cysts. It is quite an eye-opener because until I watched the first one, because I had never heard of 'Lipoma'. The series is mostly shown on Freeview or Freesat in the UK. But I must say, I am a fan of Dr Sandra Lee!

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