Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Windows or Linux? Make your mind up, I have!

Now I am a long-standing user of Linux having ditched Windows when it was XP. I must confess using Linux has got a damn lot easier now than it was in the Seventies and Eighties. In fact it now surpasses Windows in ease of operation and security. It is no wonder that most mainframes (very large computers with petabytes of memory) are mostly running with Linux or a variety of Unix systems. If you do not know what Unix is, it is a family of multitasking, multi-user computer operating systems that derive from the original AT&T Unix from the Sixties. Do not confuse this with Unox, a Unilever company that makes a type of Dutch sausage. Although sometimes I think it is exactly that! Anyway, I have run Linux Mint (one of the varieties of Linux distributions available) because it is very much like Windows in most of its operation. Recently I read the website from ‘’, titled “Ten Reasons why Windows is Still Better than Linux”. I thought that was rather interesting but completely wrong! The author Dan Price must have a large orifice down below from which he speaks and the sounds come out but when he states ‘Lack of Software’ he probably wrote that confined in his cell, and on just bread and water. I can assure you, dear reader, that there is NO shortage of software of programs Windows users are used to. Even going as far as multiple versions being available. He warbles on about Adobe Photoshop, he obviously has not ever heard of GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) or KRITA. Windows Outlook is quite easily surpassed by Thunderbird (also I think available in Windows) and Microsoft Office is now LibreOffice. More so I just love to say here, all useful Linux software is FREE to use! I use Blender a program that if you want to make videos, edit or do any other work like animation, Linux is the way! But let me talk about security. I found that Linux surpasses Windows even in that. Yes, you must be careful, it goes for whatever you do with electronics. But I do not use Virus software, no need. I use a VPN, a paid for one because I do not want a company to sell my data. Yes, I have to admit, Linux is a bit more hands-on than Windows. But I am no robot, I like the way that updates can only be installed after the user agrees. In Windows it is still automatic and frankly it is also its weakest point. Any Linux installation has to be agreed by the user. There is no possibility unless you set it up that way, that foreign bad software can be installed. Again, if you start clicking on every email attachment, or messages that implore you to click on this or that link then you can still be in trouble simply because you have allowed it! Finally, poor old Dan (he must be 80 or so years old) said that Linux installing is hard? Eh? That is news, I only took 15 minutes to install Linux on my new mini! It came with Windows 11 installed, I just could not wait to get rid of it. I downloaded the Linux ISO software (10 minutes) transferred it to a USB 3. Stuck it in the mini and re-started it. Bang, here we go, type the required data like in which timezone you reside, a password to start the computer (the MAIN password). Make it easily memorised because for security reasons you will need to input this a lot. Yes, you can switch that off but I would implore every user not to do that! It is one of the best ways of ensuring your security and the health of your system.

If you need some ideas of how to set it all up, look at ‘Linux Mint – Linux Ubuntu’ as the main flavours and most widely used.

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