Thursday, 24 November 2022

Virtue-signalling, the new artform?

Is virtue-signalling the new art-form in the UK? You might know this if I put it like this - Virtue signalling is the expression of a moral viewpoint with the intent of communicating good character. But is that right? I don’t think so, at least not completely. Like everything else, it has a good side and an equally bad side. It depends entirely what you think about the words – moral viewpoint. For instance, I am certain that those youngsters who glue themselves onto the road surface or throw tomato soup onto a valuable painting in a museum, think of their moral viewpoint as the only one that counts. But then I would say, what about my viewpoint? I can tell you right now, it is NOT the same as theirs! Then we have the debating societies in Universities across the land. I recently heard a new word I had not heard before – ‘perma-offended youth’. What does that mean? It was mentioned in an article from the Telegraph and referred to a debate that took place at the Cambridge Union. You can still hopefully read it and there is a link within the article so you can even watch the debate online. It shows how young people view free speech and it is a bit worrying that apparently free speech is not particularly well thought of. 

Personally I am a total supporter of free speech, even though we are bound to hear something we don’t want to know or hear. But that is the point of free speech? If we as a nation want free speech then those who have ideas such as you can hear now quite often, must understand opposing views. In the end it will turn on what I would call, the majority view. It also means that those who have the majority view, must express them. In the case of the views expressed by the ‘Ecology’ quarter we most certainly need a well balanced view which would probably mean debunking quite a lot of young people’s views. It is therefore no good, to read this stuff in the newspapers and tut-tutting, shaking your head. Stand up and write something or open your front  door and bellow out why you dislike 18-20 year olds. But watch out for them because they might glue themselves onto your uPVC front door! Just so you know, I like 18-20 year olds, especially if they wear those ultra short dresses. Yes, I know I am sexist and an idiot to boot but who cares, I live in a backwater and only dinosaurs are surrounding my house. Not sure if they are Velociraptors, or Hadrosaureans. If you don’t hear from me for a while, they must have been Raptors. Seriously, basically it all swirls around our ability to think, to be able to discuss the way we all need to live together peaceably, the ability to see the opposite viewpoint and understand the why that is so. So, yes, virtue-signalling is the new art-form but does it help? Open the debate!

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