Friday, 11 November 2022

The Eco-Warriors are right! It is us that are wrong!

A confession from me – I am very sorry because I might be going to upset quite a number of people. It is about this – I am supporting the eco-warriors. Not physically as I am quite a bit older than most of those who glue themselves to the road. But I have been thinking about what is really at stake. At first I thought they are a bit, you know, not right in the head, absolute loons. However, they are right, the climate is in serious trouble. It is unheard of that in mid-November some places experience 15 degrees Centigrade plus! Despite wonderful emanations of verbal garbage by loads of politicians about how they are ‘working hard to ensure we all won’t die from heat exhaustion’, the facts are that nothing is done. Except to build more and more electrical cars but without the infrastructure to charge them. Oh, and build loads of wind turbines on land splashing the cash and ensure through having to anchor these monstrosities in concrete, we also send tonnes of CO2 into the air. The facts are for all to see, our government is no longer in charge, in fact it hasn’t got a clue what to do. Except to allow a MP to eat kangaroo testicles. Why the worthy Matt Hancock still had a passport beats me! The truth is that we, in the western world, are guilty of having poisoned this planet and continue to do so unabated! What’s more, we are happy to do so. We fly happily all over the place in search of the sun but if we wait a bit by Christmas you might be able to put the sun-loungers out in the garden. This November it was 21C in North Wales!

It is easy from my comfy chair to be critical, the big question is, as the youngsters are asking, what are we going to do about it? Or more to the point, what CAN we do about it? It is no longer a problem that seems some time and space away, certainly not. It is pressing on everything today! I have said previously that most of Africa is going to be uninhabitable, due to being too hot and crop failures plus water shortages. The aquifers are not going to last with the demands put onto them today! It is also easy to state cut out all flying. We have become dependent on moving perishable goods like foodstuffs, all over the globe. Plus that populations have become so large in some areas of the world that more and more are looking to move, lock stock and barrel (Another saying, meaning taking everything you can with you). Presently we are experiencing economic migration because of increased temperatures and the economic uncertainties. This will only increase in the coming years and again, it has been a dismal failure trying to deal with it.

So, yes, we will need to pull our socks up, and get on with developing policies and actions to deal with the present situation but more so in developing methods, policies and blueprints for proper action in the very near future to safeguard our infrastructure and way of life. We will have to curtail our demands on our immediate environment by minimising demands. It will mean, ‘Staycations’ (Holidays at home), it will mean using less resources, it will mean changing our lives. Hard? Sure, it will be but if we want our children and grandchildren to have a life there will be no choice. In fact our generation, this generation alive today, will be responsible for the future of mankind. It is as simple as that.

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