Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Suella, who? Oh yes, I recall...

Those politicians just do not go home and smell the roses, don’t they? Every day has to be a day when they have to try to get one or more ministers on the rack. Or better still, get ‘m the sack! It is as some responsible journalists indicated, once they have the bit in the mouth, watch out. Suella Braverman is in sight people, stop frothing at the mouth. Let’s look at what is happening. First of all in a past post I read that as Home Chief she used emails in such a way even I could have read them. That’s not much good for someone who is supposed to keep some things secret and out of the media’s voracious appetite! But OK, she has been reported as not knowing the rigmarole that purports to be the Home Office. I am sure we will not see that again. Let’s look at the performance, it is really a bit early and coming on the back of a very difficult period but I think looking at the TV reports, so far so good. The problem(s) she has now been shackled with - 1. Migration and 2. woke Police and 3. woke Civil Service. As she quite rightly said, it is going to be costly to fix. You see, dear reader, we have all been lulled into a happy state, roses growing along the roads, nightly trips to the pub whilst the problems just kept stacking up. When Conservatives point to the abject failures of previous Labour governments and there were many, they forget their own abysmal failures of recent times. All politicians of every colour, for too long have failed to proper govern our land!

But coming back to Suella, she is correct, it is going to be costly, you cannot have 40,000 plus coming in every year without adequate measures to deal with such influx. I am not sure how other countries cope but I know the Netherlands are creaking at the seams and France is not far behind either. The only way to curb this is to install a proper immigration policy. The good leader of the Scots has indicated she needs a lot of people; great, there’s your answer. Send 100,000 immediately. All inflatables intercepted at sea, even if they are within two yards of the Dover coast, to be returned without discussion. All lawyers and solicitors who take on cases involving migrants to be de-registered at once. It is these so-called Human Rights legal bods who have created this mess. Plus of course the usual hand-wringing ultra woke lefties.

So, how are we to look now at the all dancing, tea-serving, colourfully dressed police? Who in all honesty decided that police should now forget about burglary or knife-crime and instead go after hate crimes? Is hate a crime now? Certainly, it is not a nice thing, to harbour hateful feelings is detrimental to health. Anyone can have feelings of distrust or dislike about decisions or actions made by others, but as I write this post, we should express that in proper terms. I think it is right to call someone an idiot, especially if they are! But I applaud Suella who has indicated woke police have no place in the UK. Hurrah! Time to weed out the idiots then! I do honestly believe all the high-ranking police officers should be looked at and see what sort of university degree they have. Any with Home Economics be sacked forthwith! And whilst she is at the front wielding the axe, also get rid of Police Commissioners without any delay. I know it was an experiment but it has failed to do what was intended. But let’s not forget violent crime. It is one of the socially beautiful things to know, that UK police do not carry firearms. However, all indicators show that criminals do increasingly carry firearms. I know that this is not an easy problem to solve but perhaps it is time to enlarge those brigades allowed to carry firearms. Call them the Mobile Fast Response Units and also have them patrolling areas where such crimes are frequently noted. So, let’s support Suella and give her 6 months to begin the processes necessary and let’s see how it develops. Let’s use this as the yardstick to see whether the Conservatives deserve another 5 years at the helm.

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