Monday, 14 November 2022

Some reality, no, not the BBC Entertainment.

There are three things that concern people in the UK today. I list them in order of importance. First, a TV program called ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, secondly another TV program called ‘I am a Celebrity...Get me Out of Here’ and thirdly, its lame government. Rather funny that TV programmes outrank government but if you have looked carefully you can easily see why. The first program ‘Strictly’ is a dancing exhibition supposedly carried out by No-No’s. That is to say, by people who have never danced. But as it turns out, it seems that most of the partakers are professed dancers or at least have had pretty good tuition as kids! In my opinion the show has had its day, it has become pretty predictable. The other TV show has become even more boring because of the inclusion of a disliked politician (Mr Matt Hancock). It is not that he is just a politician, he was the Health Secretary during the Covid pandemic responsible for the guidance about staying at home and no social activities and then seeing him snogging his assistant. His wife presumably staying at home and looking after the dog and kitchen utensils. Well, to be frank he was not the only one, a heck of a lot of people did not follow the guidance. Yes, people died and you can read many stories about the problems of people, old and young(er) had going into hospital with Covid. It was a difficult time. But to put all that on just one man is basically stupid. There were and still are many reasons as to why and how the system did not work. You only have to dive into the media reports of which there are millions by now to see how it all worked or rather did not work. Yet, the program shows up our social attitudes. We have the Matt’s of this world and a singer called Boy although he is over 60! Listening to him I suspect we have lost another possible politician spouting the most inane rubbish. Why he is there only God and the BBC’s director know. All together two shows who are past their sell-by date. But unfortunately, most people in the UK, young people who like to glue themselves to road surfaces, people who like to be called ‘They’, or ‘It’ or even classify themselves as ‘Non-binary’ (No, I don’t get the point either), students who follow valued high-level intelligent courses like ‘Home Cooking’, and people who have taken an extended holiday from work called ‘Homeworking’, most of these people like such type of TV productions. I did once but find them somewhat predictable and boring. Matt because of his background as a failed politician is in for a rough time. Selected continually for the most vile foods and tests. I would like to see Boy George being subjected to snakes and alligators coupled with those critters who like to search out dark places. Yeah, this is the sort of entertainment we are being subjected to, fifth grade comedians, failed singers, weirdos and more. There you go, that’s the BBC in 2022!

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