Monday, 7 November 2022

So, do you feel safe? Why?

So, do you feel safe? Plenty of local problems? Government in disarray? War in Europe, again? Not enough money? Worried about Trump putting his head over the hedge? Well, it is pretty well the same for everyone. I am afraid that things are getting out of control. People in charge have lost self-control and too many are just like baying dogs. The system of control has collapsed. You can see it in the Metropolitan Police. There are officers who should not even be there. I am nearly 100% certain that it is not different in other forces. I cannot help but thinking we are back in that all-dancing period before WW2. When the moral stance of Europe just went belly-up (literally). Business, personal morality just got lost in a frenzied free-for-all. When a country just waltzed over another one and hand-wringing ‘peace-makers’ bearing letters that more or less said ‘Give us what we want and we will let you live’. We now know how that ended.

May I point out we are just in that time again? Whilst the rest of Europe is dancing, booking holidays in Spain and god-knows where else despite warnings what it does to the climate, one country is fighting for its very life! It is like this, look at any school playground, two boys are slugging it out and hundreds are watching around. Probably feeling happy they are not involved in a physical way. But what do you think will happen when the bully wins? As in the 30’s, thinking that all these things are happening far away from our front doors, I must remind you that they have a habit of quickly knocking on your front door! Before you know it, the door caves in and the bullies are taking your TV!

As such our feelings towards what is happening in Ukraine should harden considerably. The problem is a serious one, Russia has appointed a new butcher at the helm. A person who has no qualms about killing as many civilians, as many towns and cities as he can. Just look at what happened in the Middle East when a country called Syria was flattened by indiscriminate shelling. That is now happening in the Ukraine. In time this will happen all over Europe, including the UK. The Russian mind-set is not far removed from that of the Mongols. It is a belief that if you want land then you have to kill everything that occupies it. Even to destroy where it lives and all that supports it.

Here in the West we will have to gird our loins, suck in our fat bellies, stick out the shoulders and sad though we may feel, we have to remember if we want to have our freedom then I am afraid we have to fight for it. We have no choice but to support what the Ukrainians are fighting for, their freedom. No holds are to be barred. Despite warnings of nuclear armageddon, we need to bolster the defences 100%, all possible fast and heavy weapons must be supplied. It will be costly but what do you think the cost will be when the Mongols come banging on our doors? Just keep having that in front of your eyes. So, let’s also set up a new Home Guard, it will be useful as well, on the coast at Dover! My application is in!

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