Monday, 7 November 2022

It doesn't just rain but it pours...

Ah now then, the pigeons are coming home to roost (for my foreign readers, if there are any, it is a British euphemism meaning that the effects/results of someone's actions are finally beginning to catch up with him, her or it). And if you don’t know the word euphemism then have a quick look on the Internet. But I am referring to the escalating disease called ‘immigration’. Disease, you say? Yes, it is a disease. Like all diseases, unwanted. For some reason it is now known that Albania, a two-bit country somewhere in the Mediterranean basin, is emptying because its people are pretty fed up with its government’s failures or something like that. All its young men want to come and meet British girls because they have heard that they are easy. Easy for what I can only surmise. Besides that they are booked on the rolls of the wonderful drugs gangs which told the unsuspecting young flipper-snappers, ‘Don’t worry, plenty of work in the UK because these idiots are all on drugs’. I have to be frank, they might well be correct.

Dear readers, this is basically the abject failure of our home-bred wonderful, capable, intelligent politicians. These are the people we have trusted the safety of our country to. Instead we have allowed incompetent half-wits to decide what is supposedly good for us. And what we have loosened on our heads is an influx of people that have no work, no homes, no money and are basically sentenced to a life of criminality. Next, the stress of dealing with thousands of incoming young men is now telling on the services of the local Councils. But there are other failures such as the collapse of the NHS services all across the nation. In my own patch there is a doctor’s surgery staffed with locums (part time hospital medical staff still to complete their studies). The surgery is privately owned which sounds strange because one would have thought the NHS was one unit? Apparently not. As a result the waiting lists are gynormous. The doctors and nurses are so overstretched that before too long the whole system will collapse and we will say good-bye to our free health service.

All this is due to a failure of properly governing a system of services. It stems from a belief that ‘Oh it is not so bad, it will resolve itself soon’. Typical management attitudes and consequent failures. Simply the attitude of too many Etonesque characters who just love to spend daddy’s money and to hell with the consequences. As I have indicated in other posts, a return to the 1930’s and all what will follow’. It is basically a failure in our moral standards and it spreads out over all our lives. If you want to be different, be different but shut up about it. This sounds difficult but in reality it just says, others might not feel or think like you do, so accept that and live your own life and let others live theirs. 

Ed: NHS = National Health Service. Gynormous is a word probably not in the Oxford Concise Dictionary but it is used in a slang manner to indicate an absolute enormous quantity.

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