Thursday, 10 November 2022

Is it Qatar or Catarrh? Not sure...

Oh dear, problems brewing up in Qatar? It is a bit like a cold isn't it? Well, what did the powers that be, expect? Did anyone look into their rationale for living? What I mean is that their attitude towards LBGT+ should have rung alarm bells since the lovely western world is or has now more or less moved to a more accepted view. Worse, the LBGT+ community that have tickets are considering various protests. That will go down like bomb over there. Expect jail sentences of 5 years upwards. By the way, the jails over there probably do not have running water and the evening meal of dry bread and goat blood gravy, is prepared over a camel dung fire!

I am somewhat fed up with our propensity to protest. If it is not oil or gas and the climate hotting up or the plastic fouling about every sea and ocean of the planet, all these protests have very little effect except to annoy commuters or just me. Look, if you are one of the LBGT+ brigade which is fine by me, just live life like everyone else and go to work to earn a living. I have friends that are homosexual, I have even a few acquaintances who are on methadone but it is their choice. At least they are trying to kick the habit. They are not pressing their view of life as the only way and nor do I promote being hetero-sexual and married. There is just too much kicking, screaming, promoting ways that life should be lived by what are actually tiny minorities. There are more pressing problems to deal with.

But not to dwell too long on this – we have to respect another country’s laws and views. If we cannot then burn your ticket and forget the whole thing. Or exchange the ticket for a one-way to Kiev, Ukraine and join the clean-up process that must start soon after the Russians have been kicked out.

It is rather funny but this protesting lark is catching on, I am thinking now about protesting about independence for my country, Wales or rather by its proper name, Cymru. Perhaps not such a bad thing viewing the shambles in London. I had always thought Cymru could not be really independent as there are few resources and hardly any heavy industry. But things have been improving and today I think we could manage it. We today, have quite a bit of generating power. WE have a pretty good supply of water which we can and should sell to the Saes (English). And we still have space. Although Cymru together with Northern Ireland and Scotland should form an federation where common action such as defence must be shared. At this moment I don’t know what to expect of Northern Ireland because the signs are it will join the Republic eventually. So plenty for those who want to protest, so protest! Considering the history, anyone can see how the English have treated Wales. Mainly like a land ripe for the picking. And picking they did and still do. The Welsh have mostly been subservient labourers, aka miners. It is rather interesting that despite all of that, the system still works reasonably well. But the stresses are building up. Too many English pensioners or people who want a piece of beach property as a second home are and have moved in. The stress of that is even felt in my area where the estates being built are mainly taken up by people from Bristol and the west of England. Today you cannot get a doctor’s appointment. Now that is a proper protest. I have a friend known to say – Y Saes, mas nawr! It has a ring to it, don’t you think?

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