Thursday, 24 November 2022

Football is the new politics?

It is interesting to see how the world, how people, think and act. Here we have Qatar. Another country on the Arabian peninsula. Mostly sand, a few palms and for some reason bozos of the World Football system called FIFA thought it would be a nice place to stage the World Cup. Obviously knowing these boys are totally straight as far as money is concerned, the voting was all above board and Qatar came out on top. Well, it is a sunny place in summer though! At least the bath water gets to 60 degrees Centigrade if you put the bath out on the balcony. What us in the nice above board western world never realised, is the fact Qatar is not in the western world. We in the western world think the whole planet is the western world. You notice this on the discussions on TV. Here in the UK we get very worked up about the treatment of LBGT+ people, bless their little hearts. We spend hours and hours talking about the why’s and how’s. Like that is going to change things for the better. Let’s be fair, we talk about another country, another way of viewing things, specific laws about behaviour and more. Surely, the people of Qatar can decide for themselves? I know, I know, these type of countries tend to have repressive regimes. More or less like we used to have. You know the score? A powerful family, or army colonels get the reins and keep them through force and corruption. It is basically as simple as that. Freedom is illusory. Even here in the UK. Now, having said that just look around. Did you think our government governs? Actually so-called government, MPs, Cabinet are just convenient names. In fact they mostly reside in a holiday complex called Parliament. You know that when you hear things like the new rule about free party food for Christmas parties in the ‘office’. That is where our tax goes, no wonder they need more. But as said, they don’t govern. So, who does? Ah, good question, it is hundreds of minority groupings. All they do is glue themselves to roads, have demonstrations in Trafalgar Square, London; then LBGT+ start wearing lovely hats and whole laws get instituted. Yes, it IS a lovely straight-forward world where everything goes according to plan.

We could ask, why do we not accept that there are such things as differences in behaviour, in life? People who have to live in straw huts have different expectations, different problems. However, today they might have TV in the communal hut and see how we, in the western world, live! Do we now understand why there is this thing called migration? It is a rather interesting life, is it not?

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