Monday, 28 November 2022

Aliens? What about it?

This year’s Halloween has been a rather quiet, low-case affair. No-one knocking the doors showing off hideous masks and sounding curdling screams that made your blood run cold! Now, I am not at all certain why we celebrate that as I don’t believe in such manifested portrayal of what is supposed to be evil. At least the kids like the rumpus. But it is funny that humanity has this what seems to be inborn, an inborn idea about evil. You will notice this as well in the films showing wonderful evilly aliens. Films like ‘Alien’ with Sigourney Weaver et al. Big money spinners, we sure like to be frightened. It raises a few questions in my mind, notwithstanding my religious background as a confirmed Christian following the Anglican brand of what they call Faith, I ask myself – Is there something about aliens, real or not that we equate with evil? And why would that be? First of all, I have always taken the point, as I explained in a much older post, that aliens might well exist but we will never see or meet them. The reason would be the distances in the Universe. It is 4plus light years to our NEAREST star system! That equates to approximately 9.7 trillion kilometers. Well, I might start walking now. It is written out fully – 9,700,000,000,000 kilometers. If you could go close to the light speed it would still take nearly 5 years. I am not beginning a discussion about it could be instantaneous pending physics and quantum theories but it is a mighty long way and bearing in mind human frailty possibly lasting more than one life time. In fact today’s thinking and knowledge says that since it would take at least 6,300 years to reach the closest star to our sun, enough men and women to produce many genetically healthy generations would need to make the trip. Probably half the population of the UK to ensure diversity and healthy genetics make-up. 

Let’s go back to the aliens. If they are somewhat similar to us that is to say, gas breathing, water dependent then those restrictions would play for them as well. I am aware they could be as we could be, frozen in suspended animation but for 6000 years plus? Hmmmm. Therefore I do not believe we will ever see aliens unless they are robotic and are AI orientated. Even that is debatable but perhaps not impossible. We are researching AI at an expanding rate. Let’s assume we will meet aliens. We would know they have come a long way, a very long way. 

One question would be What are they coming for? Food? Not likely, as our chemistry probably will make that impossible. Their chemistry will be used to other rules or makeup. Water? If it was plain H2O maybe but again in our water there are many minerals, again possibly not compatible. These things are also applicable to us if we ever will start travelling through space. We will have to bring our own environment with us. Whether that will be in tablet form I leave open for others to figure out. So, the likelyhood of sharp-toothed aliens hunting poor humanity is not very likely, if at all. The best we could hope for are metallic robots out on fact-finding tours. That’s another reason they will not visit, they can figure it all out monitoring our radio and TV signals from millions of miles away. As such, being the only living and thinking being in this quarter of the galaxy we'd better shape up and act as rational beings would. It would be just a great pity if we simply destroyed ourselves through greed, a power complex or lack of trust and that goes for everybody Russian, American, European or Asian. We are all HUMAN. How do you say that in Cyrillic? 

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