Friday, 21 October 2022

We need a new idea... now!

If there is any greater sign that we need a federal type of government it is the present situation in Westminster Parliament. The bickering and the seemingly never ending quarrels and spiteful infighting of political parties shows that one-party government is outdated. But what would take its place? We are trying proportional representation in local governmental circles which would mean coalitions for central government. This could work and does in other countries but here?? Then we could also enlarge the system of devolved governments. In other words federal governments. Four independent countries but as in the United States a central policing set-up which deals with defence and matters of finance. Taxes levied will be by the federal states a substantial part then taken by the central body to pay for that. It would mean a much smaller body although it would deal with foreign matters, defence and related financial costs. There are other types that could be looked at I suppose but in general terms the four nations would be independent. So, what about the Crown? Not really a problem, the King or Queen would be King or Queen of all four nations. Well, indeed, something to think about.

One of the problems we seem to have in the UK is the possibility of political parties to govern for a very long time. Take the latest Conservative government now mired in plenty of trouble, they have been in power for over 10 years. This is far too long! After two terms any political representative should stand down and should not be re-elected until one term has passed. In other words a vacation for one semester that could last five years. This to keep things fresh because as it stands today people have become jaded and many different issues have come to the fore. Because some policies have not worked well or at all and tens of if not hundreds of new ideas about how to redress the situation have sprung up and are strongly defended. Hence great differences of opinion, some turning very aggressive. Just what we have seen already. Not just in the Conservative party, Labour has also been afflicted by such infighting. Did I not hear someone or other exclaim ‘It’s a funny game, people’.

We should always remember that Britain is looked upon by other nations as a bulwark against excessive right-wing political systems such as the Russian and erstwhile Nazi systems and ideas. Yes, although they say Communism is left-wing politics, the facts are it is very alike the extreme right-wing politics in its actions. The population is still shackled and suffering. It is a fact that with the planet as it is today, the world population growing to 8billion and more, 10billion is being talked about as achievable by 2050, authoritarianism should be outlawed. No question. Possibly a proper world government to be installed. But as you might expect a lot of water will have to flow under the bridge before such a thing could be started. However, let’s not give up trying!

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