Friday, 21 October 2022

Some hometruths...

Just reading the newspapers there is one item that provides all the headlines. The sorry state of politics in this country. Never mind Liz Truss, Boris, or Rishi they are all just the same. As Douglas Murray says in the Sun newspaper, too many MPs including leaders are just in the game for themselves. And as he pointed out this is not just something that happened a few weeks ago to today. No, this has been something that stems from further away. We have been badly served by non-entities which I too have been continually saying. If you think this is a Conservative political problem, no Sir it is not. It goes across the board. Just look at the frontbench of the Labour party! Low quality abounds. On the Conservative side we see eager beavers just to start the next resignation scandal. All to enhance themselves. Rishi is basically a newcomer, what is his political strength? God knows because I sure don’t. Our politics as was pointed out today resembles that of a banana republic. 

Even Italy which can be something else isn’t as bad as what we have performed here. Then there are reports Boris wants to have another go. He should be told – Look matey, you had your chance, blew it and now stay home and look after the dogs. If this happened we can all leave the UK because it basically has become ungovernable. As Douglas said, ‘Our country is being hideously governed. It is time to weed out the idiots and secondly install a system of qualification to become an MP. Including deep research in a candidate’s background. Including educational attainment. I am sorry to have to say this but there is no other way if we want people to govern and lead us. That they understand comes with certain demands. One of which will be, public servants are for the people not for themselves! So, let’s take some time to have a very sharp look at the whole system and make amends as needed. This certainly is not before time. And may I end by saying all democracies need to do this as well. The US included!

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