Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Frustrated? No, really? Where have you been?

Are we having problems or what? Don’t you just love to read about it? Or watch the destruction of a whole country? I don’t think it is 2022, we have regressed back to 1900 or even further back to the Dark Ages. Maybe the Romans have only just gone and left this country in a mess. You know, it is extremely difficult to be positive around here. I like to see the good side in almost anything but frankly in the UK you just cannot do that. It is one calamity after another. No-one knows what to do. Just look at the rigmarole when a country pays another country millions of pounds to police their beaches properly which they ought to do anyway and then it turns out to be just a sham. Obviously the millions paid are disappearing into a private fund to pay for the champagne charlies running that country. You just could not make it up, could you? But I am afraid it is absolutely true! France is just another country run by imbeciles. Perhaps even worse than we have to suffer here and that is bad enough. Despite promises to curtail the immigrants, nothing has changed. In fact, it has changed, it increased! In other words, the reality is that we actually pay for immigrants to come. We pay it is said, some £50million to France for them to police their beaches. Which as it turns out they do but the police help to fill the dinghies. On top of that we send the navy to guide to the coast at Dover or use the RNLI. You just couldn’t make it up!

But friends, that is just a drop of water on a hotplate! Our government’s posture on foreign relations is another dark cloud. Despite Ms Truss wonderful strong words, again the reality is quite different. I think the GCHQ guy in charge is absolutely right. If I asked you what is China? Everyone comes with the same answer, a rich country, wonderful stuff they produce, we just cannot get enough of it etc etc. Powerful and a good example of a well-run country. They obviously have overlooked, the recessive regime, the human misery in certain areas, the military projections and their propensity now to meddle in foreign affairs. They believe in subterfuge, ‘helping’ poor nations such as in Africa but actually making them dependent. Like they do in Europe or rather try, to get influential positions so they can sit at the top table. Sort of what the Russians have done in London, buying property and obtaining high level approval including knighthoods. Did anyone say, hi-level corruption? Mark, I haven’t said it but.... Putin has said not so long ago, Democracy? It is a joke, Britain et al think they are but they are not! And I think although he is a megalomaniac, he is right on that! 

So, yes GCHQ is on the ball, both these countries, Russia and China are a threat to our world. I am certain if you asked their peoples, multiracial as they are, they would raise their eyebrows because they would not have a clue about what you are talking about. It is the leadership, the leadership of a one-party state. The search for power, influence and money. The problem is, are we any different? And there’s your conundrum, a clash between two different senses of ‘How things should be’! Again, as I said in previous posts, no-one so far has asked me! But that is for another time and another post. Sleep well and don’t worry, I have not yet counted all the sheep.

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