Thursday, 20 October 2022

It just doesn't stop raining, it now storms...

Blimey as they say around here, what in all blazes is going on in Westminster? By the look of things we are governed by a load of kids. This is not to downtalk kids, most kids are great but the shower we have to listen to, who make the laws we live by are something else! As I have said many times before the quality, the knowledge these people possess is virtual nu, nil, zilch, niks, dim, to say it in a few foreign languages. From where I am sitting we have far too many. 650+ could be whittled down to 150 or so taking away some of the fields of responsibility. Dividing the whole country in responsibility zones where the locals can decide for themselves how they want to live. Or go for a proper federal system. Westminster has far too much to do and say. Most of the intricacies of lawmaking simply bypasses most MPs who rather talk over a pint in their local pub. One of the most able recent ministers Suella Braverman resigned after just a few weeks in the job citing U-turns and watering down policies on which the PM was elected to office. Then the erstwhile Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng was got rid off after having set in motion the policies or ideas of the Prime Minister herself! You couldn’t make it up. It was the blame-game in all its glorious exposure. It has always been a bit like that, when top people make mistakes, the blame tended to be shifted onto lower echelons. 

But that’s not the whole story either, it seems also that there has built up a world where so-called loyalty got rewarded by bumping up the loyal acolyte on the ladder to greatness. So, you saw many basic, very loyal MPs with little experience and few brain cells in positions totally unsuitable. The same happens in the Civil Service. It seems part of that old action called empire-building. The problem is that such empires are mediocre and result mostly in scenes we are witnessing today. Chaotic government. Making laws on the spur of the moment, repealing them almost straight away. Watch a few of the faces today, you see rich people in positions just because they have money and some influence but they are devoid of common sense. People that have thousands, even millions in the bank and will never know how most of us have to grab a crust of bread. All they can come up with is, change your job. Work harder, sell your house. Is this the way Great Britain became a world power? It would have been better to stay home and tend the garden and clear the flipping Victorian slums still all around us.

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