Tuesday, 11 October 2022

It is a mad, mad world, where did I hear that before? Ah yes....

Over the last few years I have been observing humanity. Well, obviously as I think I am human. But if you ask my wife you might get a different answer! It is rather remarkable how society has changed. You only have to look at one TV excess called ‘Strictly (Come dancing)’. The words of the title do not really exclaim the reality although you could say they are dancing. I would call it ‘cavorting sexily across a slippery floor’. The acrobatics performed do really belong in a travelling circus and that’s just what it really is, a circus. It is also a window on how society is portrayed by the woke brigade. The BBC itself has descended in a way to appease anyone and everybody with ‘same-sex partnerships’, ‘weight-consciousness’ and general gender equality. From where I am sitting watching all of that because my wife loves the program and I really want to watch Dr Pimple Popper, from where I am sitting I don’t believe nationally society is like that at all. I think many people just raise their eyebrows at all of that, and just carry on with their daily tasks of earning enough money to pay for their daily loaf of bread! Most of us, I believe, have already turned down the heating! Still, I suppose spectacles like ‘Strictly’, are a necessity just because of its dress sense. I wouldn’t want to be seen in some of those clothes but RuPaul may be! Perhaps he (or It now, I suppose) has advised the BBC? They wouldn’t listen to me.

Even so, this continuing pressure from these minority groups should be investigated. And not just in this country either. Friends in the Netherlands tell me it is even worse over there. More so, I believe all of the western world has the same problem. Looking back in history, it is very much like the Roman society collapse in the 4th century AD. Strange ideas, sexual immorality amongst many other problems, undermined the fabric of society in such a way that so-called barbarians were able to simply overrun the country. It is sometimes forgotten but the adage, ‘History has a habit of repeating itself’ is very true. Just watch the antics of one man, Putin. Can we see the Nazi Germany here again? Just asking! It has many similarities. Ask the man whether he has read ‘Mein Kampf’? It may always have been like it, except in past years without the Internet, we knew little about it. But today the world of intrigue, corruption, political inadequacies et al are laid bare! Even the most backward simpleton can read, even see, all about it! And as a parting shot, all of aforementioned simpletons seem to have congregated on Twitter and have Facebook accounts. Wow, it is a strange world. So, let me get back to my Twitter and Facebook accounts, I don’t want to miss anything!

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