Saturday, 15 October 2022

From sacked ministers to sweeping the road...

It never just rains, it pours! Anyone thinking, eehh? London is in uproar. No, not the people, not even the woke brigade but MPs. Actually, just Conservative MPs. The Labour variety is, except for the irascible Angela and possibly the scatterbrained Keir, pretty quiet. We may wonder what the PM, no not Boris but the radiant Liz, thought before she stood for PM. It now seems she thought it would be easy after Boris. Couldn’t go wrong. Unfortunately for her, it did and still does. Thanks to her indecision despite her talking heavy, she is way out of her depth. She might well have the right education, and a few years in Parliament but that does no-one make a Prime Minister. I think I’ve said this before, to be a Prime Minister you need balls. Ah, this could be interpreted as sexist. Well, take your pick but if you speak English you will need to know about its plentiful idioms and sayings. Anyway, we are in a piccie, yes another word for a pickle. The problems are stacking up and to be honest not all are the government’s making. But to sack a Chancellor after 30 or so days in post is pretty stupid and shows you do not have the reins in hand. We will just have to see what will follow but my prediction is this – the Sun is about to go down below the horizon. The long night will ensue, the polar bears will roam and the wolves will howl. Good luck PM.

In the meantime, here in good old Wales, the Cardiff council, incidentally the brightest of our local councils and that doesn’t say a lot I’m afraid, has asked its citizens, to consider sweeping up the leaves that tend to fall every autumn. HaHaHa, oh yes here we have a council that has to ASK its citizens to do what in other countries is common courtesy. Where I come from (the Netherlands) it was common for people to sweep the pavements in front of their abodes. Not sure what it is now because the enormous number of immigrants has changed the perspective of cleanliness. Young people also have different ideas about the environment. Young people seem to love protesting, even glue themselves to roads and cars but they leave the most enormous amounts of rubbish everywhere they go. Where I live, at school-leaving time you know exactly where the kids walk to go home. Just count the empty crisp packets, sweet wrappers and drinks cartons. If they had some money left and managed to string two words together in the local Chinese take-away you will see the left-overs in your front garden or pavement bordering your home. And the Cardiff council is thinking they can convince them to sweep the roads? HaHaHa, this again shows the calibre of its politicos. Obviously they live in an adjacent world, another reality. From a personal point I continually have to pick up loads of trash from the front of our house. And I mean CONTINUALLY, it seems never ending. There are overflowing bins our council have placed, there is one outside the local Chinese take-away shop and is practically never emptied. As a result the rubbish migrates. Well, enough of this but it just shows how low all of us have sunk. Despite wonderful words spoken by those in power, written in the newspapers and heard over the airwaves, the reality is starkly different. All of us have lost our respect for the places we live in. Lost respect for nature. And that is the saddest part of the story today.

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