Sunday, 2 October 2022

Did Reagan tell Kwasi about his plan?

There is an interesting discussion to be had about the reaction to the ‘Liz Truss’ economic plans. Reading Sky News podcasts or news reports I noted an American guru mentioning the similarities between the so-called ‘Reaganomics’ and what the UK government has produced this past week to ‘kick-start’ the economy here. President Reagan, riding his white stallion on the Whitehouse lawn, produced a plan of tax cuts, cutting of red tape for businesses amongst other juicy items to help kick-start a sluggish economy. The talk in London is now about whether Kwasi, our knight in the shining armour of the Treasury, did just copy the Reagan plan? Well, if so, did the Reagan plan work? No? Why not? It was thought that the ideas of politicians are very much influenced by public thinking and feelings. In other words looking at the present situation here with the cost of living, the energy crisis and the resultant drop in the polls of the Conservatives by nearly 20 points, you can see why plans such as Kwasi’s might have little chance.

The thing is this, the plan is good, business confidence will result in investment and more openings in the jobs market but plans such as now proposed need to overcome the public resistance fuelled by continual media reports most of which are negative! Exactly why the American plan never really got out of the starting blocks. Let’s hope the UK plan will fare better. 

 And talking about the Media, I think it is time to curb the incessant ‘What if’ and ‘Ultra woke’ type of reporting. When I watch political reports I note the mostly insubstantial points made and discussed. These have no bearing in the big issues! A case in point is the two newspaper reporters/editors Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire on GMB’s morning’s news programme. They were discussing the financial backlash of the government’s plan when the more Labour oriented Kevin found it necessary to sing Monty Python’s song ‘Always look on the bright side’. These two I have seen many times before and they always make me laugh. The studio went into overdrive, embarrasing perhaps but it does show the media’s changing over to a more woke attitude. The BBC in particular. Kevin is an idiot, we all know that, possibly the reddest of the red, but he is funny with it and I like that. However, for that moment it showed the chasm between the political divide! Precisely the thing that scuppered good ol’ Ronnie. And more to the point, it could well scupper the government’s plan here as well. Let’s hope Kevin does not have the ear of Lizz!

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