Thursday, 6 October 2022

Are we facing an extinction scenario?

And yet again we have problems. Just changed the government, Boris has gone and now Ms Truss is in the doldrums just the same. You cannot belieeeeve it, can you? Well, believe it. It now seems that the Conservative era is over well and good. Welcome then the ultra leftie woke era I am looking forward to so much,not! We are in the doldrums and as they say here in Wales, Sลตr i fod! It might have to do something with the state of the whole planet and all that lives on it. When you look at how the biosphere works you will notice that all is dependent on the supply of food. Food first and foremost, next a safe place to stay. It just puts our present problems in perspective. It also depends on the number of individuals using the available food and places to stay and live. The state of the planet is now for all to see. I can’t help but think that I, am as I live in the western world (that is Europe and North America plus Australia/New Zealand) that we are guilty of having brought this planet to the brink. Meaning we have basically filled our niche. More so, in that Chine as well, has become a major producer of CO2 since the middle of the last century. Now I know there has been research in why species behave like that, behave in a way to fill a niche until food and space runs out after which the species faces a collapse in numbers to the point of nearly becoming extinct. Indeed, for some species the bell tolled and they have indeed disappeared. This type of behaviour you can see, especially in the western world. Despite all of us knowing that airplanes blow out enormous quantities of CO2 we still insists on flying all over the place. Helped of course by our belief we need a holiday in the sun. Sorry friends, very soon we all will have a holiday in a warm or rather too hot place, called Hell! If we do not alter our whole attitude to life that might come to pass sooner than we think. The behaviour as mentioned here is really mostly a western problem. It is now said by eminent academics that it is no longer possible to turn things around and that to me is the heavy medal that hangs around our necks. No amount of changing cars over to electric propulsion, nor building any amount of wind turbines or splattering the Sahara desert with billions of solar panels will have any input. It is too late but we can minimise our gas inputs to the atmosphere in such a way that over hundreds if not thousands of years CO2 can return to levels supporting the most varied life. In the meantime we must get used to hotter summers, colder winters, wetter and more stormy. In fact the weather will be our enemy for years to come. We need to protect our coasts, our low-lying lands. Stop building on floodplains. In fact demolish all houses situated within flood plains and re-arrange our living spaces. Is it possible? Perhaps but we need to do something. Are you listing, Mr and Ms Politician? You are not doing so great right now and haven’t for quite a number of years!

The second thing is that of why species behave in the manner that in the end puts it in danger of extinction. As said, availability of food and adequate space are probably the most important reasons. Why are so many people obese in the western world? Good question but it has something to do with availability of the necessary resources. There is never a careful allocation and dispersion, it’s all or nothing. This happens almost with everything, every commodity. If there is demand someone or something will fill it. More so, will try to enhance it by clever advertising. Even today this is the way we live. But soon the commodity disappears, overused and plundered. No politician or indeed no person, really looks at how we can come to grips with the habits of humanity. We are in the same state as any other species, we will fill our niche until food and space runs out. After that we will have a free-for-all and will be reduced in quantity to the same state we were in when expanding out of Africa. Followed by living in parts of the globe that are habitable for humans having no clothing and needing to find food by foraging.

It is not nice to think this way because we have brains to think of outcomes, so let’s think about outcomes and act accordingly!

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