Friday, 21 October 2022

A quick look at past posts...

Often it is necessary to have a look at previous posts and as I did so I noticed one written in 2018. Yes, 4 years ago! My beard was still in its infancy then. But one titles, ‘Hurrah hoist the flag…’ stood out, particularly because the political world situation has changed so much. The post was basically my opinion about our military capabilities pertaining to all the cuts to the UK forces we have had. Talking big doesn’t make you more capable. The post was written in response to the poisoning of Russian nationals residing in the UK after having fled apparent mistreatment or danger to life. Anyway, the question was, who was likely to be responsible. Well, today it has been discovered, but not with 100% certainty, that Russian agents have been at work. Again, if such agents would return and be apprehended, we could start proper judicial action. In the meantime we will have to wait. The second thing that has changed enormously is the military one. Thanks to the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, NATO now has woken up and that includes the British military forces. Whilst we are no longer a world power we do still have a sizable military capability. In fact now expanding again. You might ask why did Russia do this? After all the way things were going showed that Russia would have been the foremost economical power in Europe, even in Asia with its resources like oil and gas. Comparing Germany and Russia would show that loosening your grip on public control would greatly enhance productivity and scientific endeavour. Yet this is not the Russian way or so it seems. Whilst parts of it, like the Moscow-St. Petersburg axis do well, the rest is virtually empty and undeveloped. A nation with such potential should be the best on the planet. There would not be any need to project its power militarily, economically it would rule all before it.

Unfortunately, its mindset is far removed from such ideal and it seems to have been married to the ideas of imperialism. Now, just to mention we here as well had similar ideas a century or so ago and just look how that has ended? Imperialism will always be a short term ideal, the world is simply too big. Its peoples wherever they live have a right to self-determination. So, its good to have a look at previous posts and you will note the changes in circumstances and changes in the state of affairs nationally and world-wide!

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