Monday, 31 October 2022

A jaundiced view? Well, make your mind up....

Every day I watch the morning’s news on TV, yes from the impartial BBC and this morning I listened to Yvette Cooper, one of the lefty Labour stalwarts. It is really no wonder that this country is in the doldrums with people like that around. Bereft of common sense and full of ideas about how to spend money. The problem is it is not her money but mine and yours. The discussion was about the immigration problem. And before everyone jumps down my throat I am NOT against immigration in principle. Certainly not because in one way I am one or rather was, one myself. But I am against uncontrolled immigration. And I shall tell you why, for people to come believing as they do that this is the promised land flowing with milk and honey and free money and a house, there will be a sharp awakening. Because the reality is completely different. There is no milk and honey, the farms a slowly closing down because they cannot make ends meet due to power costs, there is no honey because all the bees are dying thanks to pesticides. Even worse if you are an immigrant and have managed to convince some stupid official you are escaping terrible deprivation thanks to being gay or something like that, you will find it nigh to impossible to find accommodation. Unless you are going to be happy to work for a Chinese take-away and life in the cellar with the rats. Welcome to good ol’ Britain!

You see the point? That is what uncontrolled immigration does, it is NOT a freeway to a better life at all. It is a way to a grotty life full of criminality, drugs and more. That is what blondes like Yvette Cooper do not want to think about. I am sure she is a well-educated person, living in an affluent suburb close to London or even in Kent somewhere. Nice garden, she can hear the birds singing every morning. Lovely, but what having such a life makes you knowledgeable about the economics of government? It is a question we should ask every politician. Because it is too easy to spend someone else’s hard earned money. Present day governments are all for an easy life, is there a problem? Oh, no problem, let’s throw a few billion at it and it will go away. Problem is it will not go away because money never solves any problem, it just makes it a whole lot worse.

Controlled immigration is simply the system to ensure the right people come. It means government would know what type of labour is needed in any sector, it means that companies or educational bodies know their needs and that they will be able to satisfy them in the correct way. The process must start before the would-be migrants begin any journey. Obviously in countries that are suffering famines or war such a process would be difficult so there will always be a number of people that are really destitute and we should be able to help. Indeed, not just the UK but all other countries. But economic migrants, that is to say those who are just looking for a better easier life, need to be vetted against the needs of the host country. In particular because the fast growing populations of poorer countries will soon overflow, if they are not already. I remember saying this some time ago, this planet cannot really sustain 8-10 billion humans. If we think we can, then be prepared to start living in blocks of flats such as you can see in Chinese cities like Hong Kong or Shanghai! Forget about your leafy suburbs and English country gardens. Welcome to the 100 million in the UK, Wales will top the 10 or 12 million. Food will be entirely processed goo. Probably based on seaweed and insects. Cardiff will reach as far as Brecon and where I live, at presently 300 metres above sea-level, I will have an ice cream tent because the lowlands of Glamorgan are now under water and I am living next to the sea! Welcome to the 22nd century. Nice work politicians, tell me because I am now old and feeble, why did I actually vote for you?

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