Sunday, 4 September 2022

The Guardian, a newspaper that guards...what exactly?

If you ever wanted to know why I dislike the lefties in this country, just read the Guardian newspaper. In one of the articles I actually read on my mobile, written by Stewart Lee, I must say I have never read such incomprehensible drivel! He obviously dislikes Boris Johnson and called him a bastard! If that is how a responsible outfit like the Guardian, left-leaning as it is, has journalists of the Stewart Lee standard, the paper needs to be rolled up and set fire to it. Besides, they need to file for bankruptcy. It was indeed one of those vile emanations from woke ultra leftie people you would see. It is sad to have to say this, this guy used the Bard’s (Shakespeare) King Lear to enhance his vitriolic attack on Boris Johnson. Even worse he said that if you voted for him or supported him you were an absolute idiot. He used another few words, best not repeated here. I know I have called people idiotic but I am sure I have never called for the use of language like that. In fact I should consider reporting this guy. He is an affront to the worthy profession of journalism. Unfortunately he is not on his own either. Quite a few are seemingly employed by the Guardian.

Well, there you go, it does show the degeneration happening in this country. The lowering of standards and morals. Anything goes and you might well wonder where this will all end? I suppose it’s all down to the use of mobiles where to be followed is all that matters and where anything goes. There are no fences, there is nothing to hold people back. And it is like all fenced areas, once they have been broken a stampede follows.

In the meantime we are all awaiting the Conservative new PM although we all also know that it will be Liz Truss. She’s sure the front-runner. But it is not over until the fat lady sings. And before you take me to court saying ‘fat lady’. It is a well-known saying in the UK. Perhaps we all should say now ‘well-endowed non-binary biped’. Are we not getting a bit fed up with all this nonsense? Who is driving this agenda? It seems to be small very loud pushy minorities. It is about time someone high up tells ‘m to shut it and go home and kick the dog instead. Oops, sorry can’t say that either anymore. So, I haven’t, it is the gnome that lives in my house. Just wondering how our friends, the Americans, deal with all this nonsense?

To finish this, I am of the opinion that Boris was wrongly got rid of. Yes, he liked a lie, he liked to have a party. The problem he had was that he didn’t think he was PM. In the position he occupied you cannot be one of the boys, you cannot forget the rules or laws you have initiated. Well, he’s gone now but I would not write him off just yet!

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