Sunday, 25 September 2022

Tax cuts galore, we'll all be millionaires!

If one said ‘We are in a pickle’, he or she would be entirely correct. We are in a pickle and not just the war in the Ukraine. Although that could well blow us all up to the ‘hiernamaals’ as the Dutch would say. Frankly if I was still in that lowland I would worry a bit more because a few bits of ordnance, like they are throwing around further east, dropped on the seaside dams would inundate most of the country. Politics is a funny business. Internationally and nationally. I was just watching the BBC, that ‘independent’ broadcaster this sunny Sunday morning when the Shadow Business Secretary, I forgot his name already, spouted the usual crap that Labour and now also the Conservatives, are (in)famous for. 

Apparently Keir Starmer is now fronting a ‘wonderful’ new plan to increase green energy. Everybody will be millionaires. Great! I will vote Labour at the next election. But hang on a mo, here we go again, promises, promises, promises. I have long felt that all these so-called ‘new’ plans are just no more than just ideas but when in power these very rarely, if at all, happen! Over the last 20 years or so and probably way before that, plans were two a penny but I just cannot recall any of them starting. This country in particular is bedevilled by probably well-meaning politicians, yes those we voted for knowing they did not have much between the ears but were the best of the bunch which does not say a lot about the rest. Bedevilled because they all have particular hobbyhorses. Meaning grand ideas about how to solve all our problems in one day! But enough about Labour, let’s look at Ms Truss’ ideas. I did think that to stimulate business is not a bad idea in itself but yet again the PM has not entirely thought it through! Tax cuts are great but they also disproportionally favour the richer elements. To scrap the cap on Banker’s bonuses is inherently meant to get these people into London and not to Frankfurt of New York. 

But as usual it has drawbacks, the general public does not think alike! I find the idea of bonuses across the board a bad idea as it is. Again, it is a disproportional way of rewarding good work. Anyone employed at a reasonable salary should do their best. It would be much better to develop a company wide system where if sufficient profits are made to reward all. Perhaps through the ownership of shares or similar. Again, the Tories are in danger of overstepping their ideas and as they are in power at the moment, could get it horribly wrong. We will have two years of see-saw politics I think and if it works Labour will disappear and other left parties will spring up. If things go wrong, the same will happen to the Conservervatives. In the end we might well get proportional representation and end up with coalition government for ever more. Or a complete federal set-up. It might even work!

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