Thursday, 15 September 2022

Like Socialism? Or Communism? Well, eh...

It has become pretty obvious as was pointed out on one of the many TV interviews that Russia had no intention to properly deal with their so-called occupation. They merely overran some areas after first having obliterated most of the infrastructure and then proceeded to deal with the population. Rape included as well as taking everything that took their fancy. Even after months the population and their possessions were treated as free booty. There were no attempts to restore services, no attempts to install proper government. In short Russia merely released a horde of gangsters, rapists, thieves and murderers onto another country. This is the year 2022 and it seems now without any doubt that Russia still lives in the 1800’s. Backward and how they ever obtained nuclear weapons is beyond me. There must have been many traitors in the West, those who think that communism is the way to save the world. Well, we have now seen how that works! We merely have allowed a fourth world country to have toys they do not really understand nor know how to maintain them. My Dutch grandfather was such a man. Not violent but a firm believer in ultra socialism. In other words he was just opposing the Nazis, yes there were Dutch Nazis aplenty! The problem was that both systems in the end are exactly the same! Total control over the population! But people like my grandfather would and could not see that. East Germany was still in existence then, although already tottering and holidays, yes ‘holidays, were arranged to see this social wonder. The truth was simple, they would never see the grotty bits but were shown the nice country bits, one hotel that was done up to the nines and daily chats with ‘intelligent’ persons. Yet the indigenous people were starving, never noticed. Much like Russia is today. My local church a few years ago, organised a trip to the land of Hope, Russia. Moscow no, St Petersburg yes. I would not go, I dislike socialism, at least the type these countries follow. However, a similar scenario, the group enthused about the beauty, the wonders and how Russia was a major power. What they did not know was the control exercised. The Russians are very good at that. The visitors only saw what was allowed. In the end we have to, somehow or other, get rid of authoritarianism. Also corruption. Corruption even in democratic systems where it also can be endemic. Lots to do, lots to think about. Perhaps now that one of the longest serving royal, the Queen has died we might have a chance to look at how we want to be governed. Take apart our rules and regulations to see if they are fit for purpose. Lots to do, lots to think about. Ergo, let’s do it! Let’s start!

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