Saturday, 3 September 2022

Holidays over, back to the rat-race...

Holidays are over and I have returned to my keyboard! Reading and assimilating information that I did not do on the extensive sands of West Wales! Not only that but the sun kept shining and now I look like I was born in the Mediterranean! I like to observe and on the sands (beaches) I noted two things, everyone had one or even two or more! Dogs and most people were obese! Well, there you go but now back to the drawing board, so to say. 

Not very often you will read something very interesting on the left side of the newspaper feeds. But my eyes were drawn to a Guardian (a UK newspaper) feed on my mobile which was a report of what Bernie Sanders had said about the so-called ‘ruling class’ in the US. Despite the title the article was not so much about politics or the political class but about how three multi-billionaires own more dosh than half the American bottom population which it said encompassed 150 million people! That is an astounding claim but funnily enough I have been thinking for some time about the exact same problem, about this gross inequality. You might think “ Yeah look at who said it – this guy is not particularly poor himself”. True but nevertheless he is right. I suppose the three mentioned, not by name but we can all guess, thinking of Amazon, Microsoft and Meta (Facebook etc) owners. Besides that who owns Google? 

Anyway, the article initially clearly sounded leftish cr*p until you start thinking about it. I am not a socialist, I hasten to add, I abhor the leftish left. I am more of the middle-line thinking persons but this article rang a bell in the recesses of my grey matter. Because this situation crops up even in the UK as well. The UK after hundreds and hundreds of years still has a very class-ridden society. We have the aristocrats, the high earner class, the middle class and that has about three levels and the lower class. The lower class by far is the largest of them all. Just like in the States but for slightly different reasons. The money in the UK, again like in the States is mostly in the hands of the top two classes. What’s more all these get richer by the day. 

This situation is now highlighted by the enormous shift in the cost of energy! It is pretty clear the political class has been found sleeping on the job. That’s the reason also why articles like Bernie Sanders’ should ring alarm bells in the luxurious abodes of these oligarchs and their retinues! The more people arrive in the US and yes, also in the UK through immigration and birthrates in the lower classes (just look it up, there are plenty demographic reports available) the more chances there will be for the whole situation to become incendiary. I predict that will happen before 2050! If the energy situation is not resolved this could be even before 2030! In fact the article highlighted the absurd inequality that is around, even in Russia where the top echelon of society makes themselves richer by billions having usurped power and raiding the riches of that resource rich nation. Frankly, that sounds the same in the UK and US except the extremely rich have not usurped political power but nevertheless have great influence! From my perspective Bernie is absolutely correct, we do need to have a look at this absurd situation and rectify it if we want to live in a coherent and well-working world.

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